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Chapter 1159

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“Mom, don’t react so much. Hei Bu lost his memory. No, to be more precise, he was hypnotized. This hypnosis caused him to lose part of his memory. In other words, he lost all his memories about me. ”

Nuo Rouye was stunned. “Why do you think your couple’s fate is so difficult? It’s either this memory loss or this memory loss. Can’t God give you a good future? ”

Lu Yuxi smiled and held Nuo Rouye’s hand. “Mom, don’t be so sad. Sometimes, fate is predestined. Since it’s already arranged, if we want to break through, we’re simply waiting for a miracle. ”

Nuo Rouye sighed and nodded. “okay, I got it. ”

“okay, mom, don’t be like this. Someone said that the HEI BU is familiar with perseverance, so it’s not difficult to recover their memories. ”

“I got it. I’m just thinking about what else you two need to experience in order to be able to be together… ”

Lu Yuxi and Nuo Rouye were chattering non-stop while Hei Bu walked in the direction the servant pointed.

“Young Master, don’t be mischievous. Eat, or else grandma will say that you’re not good, ” the wet nurse coaxed carefully.

“Young Master Xiao Shun, be good and eat a mouthful of rice, okay? ” Babies nowadays were the hardest to feed. Sometimes, they would hold the bowl for a long time because both young master and young miss would always eat while playing.

However, the young masters were very cute. They had a very interesting characteristic. As long as they saw their younger sister, which was also the young miss, they would act as if they were going to take a big bite when they saw their younger sister eat.

Therefore, every time the young miss ate, they had to attract the attention of the young masters.

This was the reason why the wet nurses shook their heads helplessly. As long as they fed their younger sister in front of them, they would stagger over without having to coax them. They would open their small mouths and look very cute.

“little young master, look here, look here. My younger sister has taken another big bite. ”

As expected, after seeing his younger sister take a bite, the two little guys were stunned for a moment before running over happily. The only thing that covered his diapers made his actions even cuter.

At this moment, Hei Bu also appeared behind the door. He was curious. He really wanted to know if his children wanted to see them.

The sharp-eyed Xiao Shun was the first to notice Hei Bu. His eyes flashed and he shouted indistinctly, “DADDI. ”

If he shouted, he would rush towards the Hei Bu with his bare buttocks.

The Hei Bu was stunned, as if he could feel the warmth in his heart stimulating his heart.

Because seeing Xiao Shun rush towards him, the Hei Bu squatted down and cooperated with their little tall man.

Xiao Feng still had rice in her mouth, and it was inconvenient for her to shout out, so she ran with Xiao Shun’s footsteps. They, who had just learned how to walk, obviously felt very staggered.

Yi Yi was even cuter. Because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to run completely, she directly lay down and crawled towards the Hei bu with a dirty look. “DA-DA! ”

Squatting was still too high, so hei bu simply sat on the ground, making it easier for them to stand.

The little ones’small hands grabbed onto HEI BU’s hands one by one. Xiao Shun was even more daring as he directly stepped on Hei Bu’s feet and climbed up, as if he wanted to ride a big horse.

Hei Bu also did not object, nor did he feel disgusted. He just let them climb up.

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