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Chapter 1160

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Yi Yi grabbed Hei bu’s hand and inexplicably pulled his finger away to let him open his palm.

Hei Bu didn’t understand what she was doing, but he still cleverly opened his palm and let her play with it.

Seeing Hei BU’s hand let go of his Palm, Yi Yi turned around excitedly and sat on Hei BU’s hand.

Hei Bu was very tall, so his palm was naturally very big. Yi Yi’s palm was still a little empty as he sat on Hei bu because he was very small, but it could be said that it was not empty because it was already filled with diapers.

Xiao Feng obediently sat beside HEI BU and played with his clothes.

Looking at Yi Yi in his hands, HEI BU was very annoyed. He really did not understand what she wanted to do.

Yi Yi sat on Hei bu’s hand and used his own strength to PAT HEI BU’s arm, indicating that he could start.

“Da. Turn. Turn. ”

Xiao Shun, who had already climbed onto Hei Bu’s neck, also used her small hand to pat hei BU’s forehead. “Da, turn. ”

Hei Bu smiled bitterly. He had already been unable to buffer himself from having so many children out of nowhere. Now that this was happening, how could he possibly know.

“They want you to stand up and play with them, ” Lu Yuxi said helplessly as she leaned against the door.

Previously, when she saw this scene, she was also a little confused. She saw that the little ones were always fighting to stay with HEI BU. They were very cute. However, when she saw Hei bu stand up, they waved their hands and started to move The little ones laughed loudly.

Hei Bu looked puzzled, but he still stood up.

Sure enough, after he stood up, the little ones laughed out loud. Their sweet voices melted people’s hearts.

Gradually, the corners of Hei Bu’s mouth also revealed a smile. Perhaps it was because they were related by blood, but HEI BU did not feel estranged from them. Instead, this feeling made him feel comfortable.

“You see how happy they are now. You don’t know that when they were not satisfied with you back then, they took turns peeing for you. ”

Lu Yuxi could not help but smile when she thought of the past.

“I used to hang out with them a lot too. Do you want to play? ” Hei Bu held onto the baby so that it would not fall off.

“Yes, right? You would look at them as soon as you got off work. Slowly, although sometimes you would not see them for a long time, they would not leave. Instead, they were like friends that you had not seen for a long time. ”

“mummy. ” The little ones who were playing excitedly finally saw Lu Yuxi’s presence.

When they saw Lu Yuxi, all the little guys wanted to break free.

Hei Bu gently placed them on the ground and let them run to Lu Yuxi’s side.

Lu Yuxi squatted down so that they could see her face.

Lu Yuxi touched everyone sweetly. “has everyone been well-behaved while Mommy was away? ”

Even though they knew that they didn’t understand, Lu Yuxi still chatted with them.

“Alright, you guys just came back and are tired. Hurry up and eat. ” At this time, Nuo Rouye walked in from behind.

“Yeah, I just saw the little ones and couldn’t help but come over to hug them, because their cute looks really don’t make me miss them. ”

“The little ones have been playing all day and haven’t slept. It’s time to let them sleep. Let’s go, let’s eat and let them sleep. ”

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