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Chapter 1165

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Looking at Hei Qingqing’s blissful look, Lu Yuxi frowned. She had thought that this was the first time she had seen it, but it suddenly occurred to her that she had been mistaken.

“Qingqing, do you like him? ” This was the main point that Lu Yuxi wanted to know.

“Like him? It should be, it should be the love at first sight that people often say. ” Every time she thought of how he frowned and was seriously operating on the scalpel, Lu Yuxi felt her heart beat very fast.

She was not a playboy, nor was she the kind of person who had high expectations of the man. She was just pursuing a feeling.

Seeing her sister-in-law and brother being so loving every day was actually a very uncomfortable thing.

“Okay, I’ll think of a way to find a way to contact you, but you have to promise me that if one day I say something inexplicable, you have to listen to me, understand? ”

That thing would happen sooner or later, and at that time, she would definitely not watch it happen. She would definitely stop it. Perhaps this was the only benefit of being reborn, knowing about certain things that would happen in the future.

“What nonsense? sister-in-law, you will definitely not harm me. I promise. ” Hei Qingqing agreed readily.

“I should be able to find the contact information for you. However, whether you two have a spark or not, that is up to you. ”

“Aiya, sister-in-law, don’t you trust me? There are still men in this world that I, Hei Qingqing, can not catch up to. As long as he is not married, I am confident. ”

“Are you planning to take the initiative to attack? ” Lu Yuxi asked.

Hei Qingqing nodded with a silly smile, “yes, it is rare to see someone with feelings, but we can not easily miss it. We must grasp it well. ”

“Don’t be too confident. You have to know that geniuses usually have different ideas from others, so it is very difficult to chase after them. Just like your brother, it is so difficult to chase after. ”

Hei Bu, who had been eating seriously, suddenly received the two people’s confused gazes, and it was somewhat unnatural.

Lu Yuxi suddenly smiled at Hei Bu, “Qingqing, tell me, you are also a genius. Do Geniuses know what geniuses are thinking? ”

Hei Qingqing also reacted and looked at hei bu with a mischievous smile, “yes, it’s possible, just like how women understand women very well. ”

Hei Bu felt a little uncomfortable under their gaze. He put down his chopsticks and immediately stood up, “you guys eat, I’m full. ”

Lu Yuxi and Hei Qingqing could not let her go now. The two of them quickly stood up and one of them held onto hei BU’s hand.

Lu Yuxi held onto hei BU’s arm and said with a smile, “Hei Bu, there are some things that I need to trouble you with. I don’t know if you have the time. ”

Hei Bu had already seen through their little tricks. “I don’t have the time. ”

This time, Hei Qingqing disagreed. “brother, what are you doing? Why aren’t you helping me when I’m in trouble? ”

“I don’t have the time. ” He did not have the time to care about this little woman’s matters, nor did he have the mood.

Hei Qingqing gripped tightly and refused to let go. “How can I not have the time? You must have the time, right, brother? ”

“Hei Bu, this is your sister. Aren’t you going to help her? Are you really going to let her be single for the rest of her life? ”

Lu Yuxi also pulled Hei bu’s hand and said coquettishly.

Hei Bu’s face was still cold. “I don’t have time. ”

At this time, Hei Qingqing let go of her hand.

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