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Chapter 1168

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“Aiya, how can you be so stupid? I’m talking about the book that your brother gave you. ”

“My brother gave it to you? ” Hei Qingqing was at a loss. She suddenly remembered in surprise, “Ah, sister-in-law, are you talking about the book called ‘medicine’ ? ”

“Yes, it’s that book. ” This book was not an ordinary book. It was said to be written by a famous doctor. Most importantly, this book was a rare one. At that time, Hei Bu spent a lot of money to get it in order to make her sister happy.

“But sister-in-law, this is a unique book. ” Hei Qingqing looked reluctant.

“What’s wrong with a unique book? You have to know that you can’t trap a wolf by not giving up the child. If this book is so precious, you can try it. ”

To a person like Mu Chen, a book that he had never read before was definitely the biggest temptation.

Hei Qingqing gritted her teeth and stomped her foot. “okay, I’ll go all out. sister-in-law, tell me, what should I do? ”

Lu Yuxi thought for a moment. “Aren’t you on vacation tomorrow? How about you… ”

After hearing Lu Yuxi’s thoughts, Hei Qingqing was full of energy, “okay, okay, I got it. I have to go and catch up on my sleep. I will face him in my best condition tomorrow. ”

After saying that, she ran away without looking back.

Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly. Perhaps only she would have this kind of impulse.

“What happened? Why is Qingqing running so fast? ” Nuo Rouye who came out of the kitchen looked baffled.

Lu Yuxi smiled, “Qingqing is preparing to fall in love. If nothing went wrong, you might have an excellent son-in-law this year. ”

“really? That’s a good relationship. This child is not young anymore. It’s time to fall in love. ” Nuo Rouye did not have any objections to Hei Qingqing falling in love. She was an adult, so she should choose her own future.

“Oh right, the HEI BU has gone up. Why are you still here? ” Nuo rouye suddenly reacted.

“I just ate not long ago, so I plan to go up slowly. ”

Nuo Rouye snickered. “Are you giving the Hei Bu time for ideological work? ”

She did not expect Nuo Rouye to be able to see through her thoughts.

Lu Yuxi laughed foolishly as she scratched her head, “Hehe, I really can’t hide anything from mom. ”

“That’s right. ” Nuo Rouye raised her head proudly.

“He has Amnesia now and has completely forgotten all his memories of being with me. In other words, he has yet to recognize my initial state. I’m really afraid that he won’t be able to recover. ”

Nuo Rouye patted her shoulder meaningfully, “Xiao Xi, don’t underestimate HEI BU. You know how responsible he is. Although he has Amnesia, he will definitely not neglect you. ”

“Okay. ” Lu Yu was silent for a while before she spoke again, “mom, if, I mean if, if hei bu can never recover his memory, what should I do? ”

“Xiao Xi, you have to believe in your man. He will definitely remember. It’s only a matter of time. Moreover, during this period of Amnesia, you can totally ‘bully’ him. ” Nuo Rouye smiled evilly.

Lu Yuxi instantly understood what Nuo Rouye was thinking and smiled meaningfully, “I understand. ”

“Haha, she is indeed my daughter-in-law. She is indeed smart. ”

If Hei BU heard this, they would definitely vomit blood. She had been schemed against by these two women.

“then mom, I will go up now. ”

“Go, go. ”

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