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Chapter 1170

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When she woke up the next day, there was no one by her side.

Lu Yuxi immediately stood up. “Damn it, last night was so important, how could I fall asleep? Lu Yuxi, you’re an idiot. ”

However, when she saw that she was wearing her pajamas inside out, the corners of Lu Yuxi’s mouth curled up. It seemed that this was not a fruitless effort. At least, an idiot was willing to take the first step.

She quickly got up, washed up, and changed her clothes before going downstairs.

“Mom, where’s Hei Bu? When did HEI BU leave? ”

“Hei Bu? He just left not long ago. Ling Hu called him and he left. It should be something for the company. ”

“What about Qing Qing? Did she leave too? ” Lu Yuxi continued to ask.

“Qing Qing also left early in the morning. He said that he was going to complete his plan. ”

Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly. was this Qing Qing afraid that someone would snatch her away or something? She left so early in the morning.

“Aiya, don’t bother about them. Come down and eat first. ”

“okay, I’ll go and see if the babies are awake first. I’ll go and take a look at them before eating. ”

The babies grew up slowly. She really did not have much time to spend with them. Lu Yuxi only hoped that as long as she had time now, she would hug them and let them enjoy more maternal love.

“Okay, go. ”

When Lu Yuxi arrived at the babies’room, she found that the babies had already woken up. They were all sitting obediently on their small beds. They did not make any noise or make any noise.

Lu Yuxi also thought of the narcissistic words of the Hei Bu, ‘don’t you see whose babies they are? ‘

When they saw Lu Yuxi, the babies’ eyes became excited, “Ma, Ma. ”

“Ma, Ma. ” The babies started to jump up and down in joy.

“Young Madam. ”

“Young Madam, ” The wet nurses called out respectfully.

Lu Yuxi said politely, “Mother Wu, good morning, mother Zhang. ”

Lu Yuxi walked over gently and gently stroked their heads.

Her hair was not much, but it was very soft. “ARE THE BABIES AWAKE? They are all so obedient, aren’t they? They don’t cry, they are so obedient. Mommy, can you take them out and have breakfast with grandma? ”

The babies did not understand what Lu Yuxi was saying and only answered in a babbling manner.

“Nanny Wu, nanny Zhang, carry the young masters to the dining room and put them on a specially made stool. Do you understand? ”

“Yes. ”

The stool was specially made for the babies by HEI BU in the past. It was said that it was for them to sit steadily and when they could eat, so that they could eat as a family.

When the babies were carried out, they still cried out when they saw Nuo Rouye, as if they had seen something that made them excited.

“Mom, I asked mother Zhang and Mother Wu to carry the baby out to eat. This way, they can learn how to eat on their own. Otherwise, they can always chase after it. ”

The little ones could already eat soft food now, so carrying them here and letting them watch as they ate was also a form of learning.

“Haha, that’s right. You don’t know how painful it is to feed them every time. Chasing them for an entire afternoon wouldn’t be able to feed them much. Xiao Xi, this method of yours is not bad. ”

– “Aiya Ya. ”

“Yiyi, come, take a big bite. ” Perhaps it was the first time Lu Yuxi Fed them anything other than breast milk, so the little ones all seemed to be very active.

They seemed to be getting more and more excited as they ate. However, seeing them like this, Lu Yuxi was very happy, wasn’t it?

The entire morning seemed to be spent with the cries of the three little ones.

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