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Chapter 1171

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“Yiyi, don’t climb so fast. Stand up and walk slowly. ”

Because her two older brothers already knew how to walk, and their steps were quite fast, she couldn’t catch up, so she could only lie down and plan to use the climbing method to catch up.

“Xiao Xi, don’t bother about them. Their own way of playing games is something adults like us can’t participate in. ”

Lu Yuxi smiled bitterly. That’s right, after giving birth, she could already be considered to be separated from their thoughts.

However, what surprised him was that no matter what they learned, they seemed to be faster than others. Others in this grade might have just left, but they could already trot.

In fact, watching them play was a very happy thing. Just like what others often said, children flocked together.

“Madam, Young Madam, Miss Ou Qi is here. ”

“Ou Qi is here. Quick, invite her in, ” Nuo Rouye said enthusiastically.

“Yes, quickly let her in. ”

Ou Qi, Lu Yuxi had not seen her for a long time. She had been busy with her career, so when she had time, she could only make a phone call.

In a short while, a servant brought in a young and beautiful woman. Her beautiful and bulging dress made her look tall and slender. Coupled with her fair skin, she was extremely beautiful.

Compared to the soft and weak Ou Qi who would only retreat behind others, the current Ou Qi was truly living her life.

However, it seemed that she was not alone this time. There was a tall and handsome gentleman by her side, Yi Zhi.

When she saw Ou Qi, Lu Yuxi smiled and went forward to hug her.

This hug had included a lot of long time no see.

“Xiao Xi, I miss you so much, ” Ou Qi said coquettishly.

Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes at her. “Alright, you’re already such a big-shot celebrity. If people find out that you don’t have any goddess-like Aura, how many people will be heartbroken? ”

To be honest, she did not misjudge ou Qi in the beginning. If she did not disappoint herself and achieve today’s achievements, Lu Yuxi might not be able to tell how she was able to stand out.

She could only say that she had successfully pushed aside the big names in front of her, allowing her to step one step further towards success.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi also looked at Yi Zhi and politely extended her right hand. “Long Time no see. ”

Yi Zhi was stunned for a moment, then he extended his right hand. “Long Time no see. ”

Yi Zhi had never thought that all the words she had told him back then would come true. How mysterious was this woman? It made people feel like they could not touch her.

Her Gentle Gaze then turned to Ou Qi. However, he should thank her. If it was not for her, perhaps he would not have known such an outstanding woman.

Other than attending parties, Nuo Rouye didn’t go out at all. She knew Ou Qi, but she had only seen Yi Zhi on television.

Nuo rouye smiled warmly. “Ou Qi, who is this? ”

Ou Qi immediately recovered. “Oh, Auntie, I forgot to introduce you. This is Yi Zhi, my boyfriend. ”

“Hello, Auntie. I often hear ou Qi mention you. You’re really as beautiful as she said. ”

Women liked to be praised, not to mention such a big-name handsome celebrity. Nuo Rouye could be said to be elated.

Although she was not like other young ladies who chased after celebrities, she was still excited to be praised by so many young ladies’admirers.

Lu Yuxi smiled bitterly. It was over. Her mother had always been passionate, but now that she was being praised… …

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