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Chapter 1172

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As expected, Nuo Rouye went forward enthusiastically. “Yi Zhi, since you’ve already called me Auntie, I wonder if you can promise me something. ”

“Auntie, tell me. ” Towards Nuo Rouye’s enthusiasm, Yi Zhi, on the contrary, appeared very calm. Perhaps this was the mentality that he had trained after years of being on stage.

“Yi Zhi, it’s like this. I have a friend’s daughter who is your fan. I wonder if you can… ”

Lu Yuxi broke out in a cold sweat. “Mom, what are you doing? This is ou Qi’s boyfriend. Don’t introduce him randomly. ”

Ou Qi also fulfilled that sentence of smiling and not saying anything.

Nuo Rouye pouted like a child. “What? I haven’t finished speaking. I want Yi Zhi to help me sign an autograph later. ”

That old guy had to compete with her in everything. This time, she would use an autograph to bribe her daughter and see what she would do.

Lu Yuxi and Ou Qi looked at each other and helplessly shook their heads.

Yi Zhi politely replied, “Of course, not just one, even ten will do. ”

“Okay, okay, okay, just agree. ”

“Yi Ya Ya Ya. ” Seeing that someone had come, Xiao Budian had never seen it before, so he called out in a Yi Ya ya Ya.

Lu Yuxi walked over and pointed in the direction of Ou Qi and Yi Zhi with them.

“This is uncle, this is Auntie, quickly call for help. ” The child’s tone was the way Lu Yuxi communicated with them.

Xiao Budian glanced at Ou Qi. After Yi Zhi, Yi Ya Ya Ya did not know what to say, so he played on his own.

Lu Yuxi helplessly shrugged her shoulders, “looks like they still don’t understand what I’m saying, so we can only let them call for help next time. ”

Ou Qi smiled. “Xiao Xi, you’re so happy. ”

“I’m happy. Aren’t you also very happy? ” Lu Yuxi intentionally pointed in Yi Zhi’s direction.

“hehe. ” Ou Qi knew what Lu Yuxi was saying and kept giggling.

“Oh right, haven’t you been filming all this time? Why did you suddenly have the time to come here and even bring your boyfriend along? ” Lu Yuxi said meaningfully.

“Oh right, I almost forgot the purpose of this visit. ” As she said that, Ou Qi took out an envelope from her bag.

“Here, Xiao Xi, this is for you. ”

Lu Yuxi took it in confusion and opened the envelope in confusion. “What is it? ”

Opening the envelope, Lu Yuxi realized that it was a check. Lu Yuxi was a little surprised. “Ou Qi, what are you doing? Why did you suddenly give me so much money? ”

“Xiao Xi, this is not for you, but for you. Didn’t I say before? If I, Ou Qi, can really make a name for myself one day, I will return the money to you. Do you still remember? ”

“Sigh, it’s been so long. Who would take it seriously? Besides, how could there be so much? The amount I lent you back then wasn’t even this much. ” Back then, she had contributed money and helped her become famous and fulfill her dream, not because of money But because they were friends, right?

“Sigh, Xiao Xi, I know you won’t accept it. I also know that you helped me back then and didn’t count Qian Zhen in. But since I set this goal back then, I will do my best. Now that I have money, I can return it to you. ”

Actually, Ou Qi returned the money not only because of what she said back then, but also because she wanted to express that she had succeeded and that she had not disappointed her.

Back then, Lu Yuxi had supported her without caring about anything and helped her, which had allowed her to achieve what she had today. The first thing that made her succeed was actually her who wanted to share the joy with her the most.

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