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Chapter 1176

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“really? I don’t believe it. ”

“Tsk, you have no choice but to believe it. My son, how could he not know such a simple thing? ”

What could a woman do after giving birth? They were still talking about the child.

“Come on, I know that you, Lu Yuxi, are experienced and your man is experienced, but you can’t have such strong genes, right? ” Yang Ran said with a bitter smile.

“You’re almost done. ”

Lu Yuxi and Yang ran didn’t talk much when they were together. They just talked about their daily lives.

However, they would never have thought that although they were safe and sound now, there was a possibility that something big would happen next.

In the dark, their every move, “you guys, think of a way to lure them over later and then carry the child. Be careful, you must be careful. Lu Yuxi is a suspicious person, you guys should be careful. ” Wang Maihe’s eyes were fixed on Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi, don’t think that I, Wang Maihe, can let you off so easily. In this life, I, Wang Maihe, will not let you suffer. My surname is not Wang.

Lu Yuxi was pressuring the pain on her body. She wanted to press it back a hundred times. She also wanted to let her know what pain felt like.

“But boss, they have always been by the children’s side. We have no way to attack them, ” the woman next to her said.

Another person also agreed, “yes, their eyes have never left the child. If we want to attack them, it is obvious that we are snatching them. ”

They had been following Wang Maihe for a long time. Although they did not know what grudge she had with that woman, she clearly hated her to the core.

Hatred was hatred, but this woman was not simple. If she really caught him, he might be finished for the rest of his life.

Wang Maihe carefully observed the surrounding environment. “It will be dark soon. They just came out, so they should not go back so soon. Let’s follow them first. There will be time to make a move. ”

“Okay, okay. ”

The person hiding in the dark narrowed his eyes dangerously, as if a lion was really preying on their food.

“Okay, let’s not just stand here. Let’s go to the department store and buy some things for the little ones, ” Yang ran suggested.

“okay, that’s fine. It just so happens that the little ones’ clothes are too small. We can take this opportunity to see if there are any good-looking clothes. ” Lu Yuxi was quite fond of buying clothes This was because she felt that the things she chose looked good and had a sense of accomplishment when worn by others.

Nuo Rouye was chatting with Madam Wen. She simply could not stop.

Then, a group of people arrived at the department store.

“Wow, that’s enough. Xiao Xi, look, your department store has doubled in size again. Are you trying to get us to Max out our credit cards? ”

Upon entering the department store, Yang ran was filled with all kinds of emotions.

It was not her fault for being emotional. Indeed, the Lu’s department store was indeed much bigger than before. It seemed that her father had taken a fancy to some project and had thought of something to expand it.

Lu Yuxi had to admit that her father was indeed powerful. To be able to achieve this level from scratch was something that many people could not envy.

“What? This is my father’s company, not mine. I have already married out. The money of the Lu’s is all my father’s. What does it have to do with me? ”

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