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Chapter 1177

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“Alright, you, don’t be so anxious to cut ties. You should know that your father only has you as his daughter. Even if you get married, won’t you still be her daughter? In the end, the Lu Corporation will still be handed over to you. ”

Lu Yuxi immediately reacted. Yes, her father loved her so much. Perhaps, after he passed away for a hundred years, she would still be the one to take over the Lu Corporation.

“Alright, if it’s not handed over to me now, it will be my father’s. So, don’t expect any discounts or anything like that. The Wen family is really rich. Don’t cry about being poor with me. ”

The Wen family was an international bank, and they also ran other companies. Did Yang ran think she was stupid?

“Hey, Lu Yuxi, did you become stingy after you got married? You can’t even get discounts. ” If a woman went to a department store, it could be described as crazy. A discount could save a lot of money.

Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes. Who was stingy.

“I’m not going to argue with you. Let’s go in and buy something. ”

Lu Yuxi nodded helplessly and pushed the baby into the store.

“boss, this is a department store, and it’s their department store. There are cameras everywhere. How are we going to do it? ” The woman asked for Wang Maihe’s opinion.

Wang Maihe looked around at the cameras. She was obviously confused, but she quickly thought of a solution.

“Isn’t it influenza now? You can put on a hat and a hat. No one will recognize you this way, right? ”

“boss, this is not bad, but what if we are discovered? This is a department store. There are cameras everywhere. We can’t escape, ” the woman said worriedly.

Wang Maihe pointed at the other women and said, “you guys, if Xiao Mei makes a move later, remember to cover her. Do you understand? Also, when she runs away, you have to cover her, do you understand? ”

Since the boss had spoken, who dared to say no.

“Also, after you carry the child, run as fast as possible. But don’t be so obvious. I have already sent people to pick you up underground. When the time comes, you only need to carry her to the destination. Understand? “?

“understood. ”

Lu Yuxi did not know that a premeditated plan was also underway.

“Xiao Xi, how does this look? It feels like it would look good on Yiyi. ”

Lu Yuxi followed her gaze and looked. It was indeed rather good-looking. The pink one was super suitable for children of this age.

“Yes, it looks very good. Help me take it down. I should be able to buy it for her later. ” As a child from a rich family, from the bottom up, there were many, many clothes, so many that it was almost impossible to wear.

Without exception, Yiyi would also have a lot of clothes because she had a mother who liked small clothes very much and a grandmother who liked to dress up very much.

“Xiao Xi, how does this little dress look? Do you think it’s very suitable for Yiyi to wear? ” Nuo Rouye said excitedly on the other side.

Lu Yuxi nodded, “mom, I believe in your taste. You don’t have to ask me. If you really like it, then buy it. ”

Nuo Rouye nodded, “I was waiting for you to say that. ”

According to the arrangement, the few women quickly walked into Lu Yuxi’s shop.

Lu Yuxi noticed that three people suddenly walked in. However, because they were all buying clothes for children, Lu Yuxi didn’t pay too much attention after taking a look.

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