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Chapter 1178

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There seemed to be three women. When they saw Lu Yuxi, they immediately stepped forward in disguise.

“You, aren’t you the designer of Xixi? The Miss Lu who designs the most beautiful clothes. ” The women began their plan.

“Miss Lu? Really? ” Another woman said cooperatively.

“Miss Lu, so it’s you. I’ve been to your company and seen your work. It’s really beautiful. ” The three women acted, and Lu Yuxi was immediately surrounded by them.

Lu Yuxi was a little disgusted with them. She did not know why, but she just felt disgusted with the women in front of her who all had good looks and figures.

Yang ran completely did not notice the change in Lu Yuxi’s expression. The smile on her face just now was completely frozen.

“Xiao Xi, I told you that the dress you designed was beautiful. Look, someone else is paying attention to it. ” To Yang Ran, this was obviously a good thing, because it was better to just be like this.

Lu Yuxi’s expression immediately turned cold. However, because she noticed that the babies were all looking at her strangely, she did not show it. She did not want to show violence in front of the children.

The more Lu Yuxi looked at them, the more she felt that something was wrong. They were clearly a group of beautiful women with good figures. Why would they come here to buy clothes for the children.

“Miss Lu, can you help me take a look at these clothes? Do you think they look pretty? ”

“Miss Lu, can you help me take a look at this? Is this color better or this color better? ”

Lu Yuxi held back her anger and gritted her teeth. “I’m sorry, I want to say that I don’t know about your matters. Can you choose for yourselves? ”

“Aiya, the one we chose is different from yours. So, Miss Lu, can you help us take a look? ”

“Yes, we believe that the great designer’s taste will not be bad. ”

They wanted to make Lu yuxi angry. This way, her ability to distinguish would be greatly reduced due to her anger. In this way, their plan could be completed more quickly.

Lu Yuxi’s face became even colder. “Can you guys decide for yourselves? I’m also choosing my own clothes. Moreover, the clothes here are all very good. You guys can take your time to choose. ”

Lu Yuxi obviously rejected their words and took a step back in disgust.

Her entire body was covered in a serious perfume smell. She almost sneezed when she smelled Lu Yuxi.

The more Lu Yuxi took a step back, the more they wanted to get closer. “Miss Lu, we’re just letting you take a look at the clothes. You can help us take a look. It won’t do anything to US. ”

The retreating Lu yuxi made Yang ran see her disgust. She immediately walked forward and said, “alright, alright. Can you guys choose for yourselves? Miss Lu is a little uncomfortable and can’t help you choose. If you want help, you can find a salesperson, okay? ”

Lu Yuxi and Yang Ran’s slackness undoubtedly gave the gangsters a chance. Just as they were dealing with the matter in front of them, the baby had already been carried away without anyone knowing.

The women subconsciously saw that their men had succeeded and knew that it was time for them to leave, so their expressions changed all of a sudden.

“HMPH, what’s the big deal? Isn’t she just a designer? Isn’t she just designing some clothes? You’re not happy that I asked you to help me, and I’m not happy that you helped me choose. Sisters, let’s go. ”

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