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Chapter 1179

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Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes. It was simply inexplicable and unreasonable. was she crazy? She did not beg them to ask.

“Alright, Xiao Xi, don’t be angry. This kind of person is mentally ill. Ignore her. ” Yang ran was afraid that Lu yuxi would be angry and comforted her.

“No, I’m not angry. I’m just a little inexplicable. ” Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly.

Yang ran tugged at her clothes. “Alright, forget about them. Don’t let them spoil our fun. Let’s continue picking out clothes for the baby. ”

Yang ran still preferred picking out clothes for Xiao Feng and Xiao Shun. Because the two brothers looked the same, picking out clothes for them could be the same.

Lu Yuxi nodded. She wanted to pull the babies over to see if the babies were frightened.

Unfortunately, when she pulled the little cart over, it was originally a cart with three little cradles. Now, she only saw two babies staring fixedly in Lu Yuxi’s direction.

What was going on Why were there only two babies Including Yang Ran’s babies, there were only three. Shouldn’t there be four?

Lu Yuxi hurriedly pulled the car over, wanting to look around the car to see if Xiao Feng had climbed out mischievously.

“En? Where’s Xiao Feng? ” Yang ran also noticed that Xiao Feng was missing.

Seeing that Lu Yuxi was looking left and right, Yang ran also turned her gaze to her mother and Lu Yuxi’s mother-in-law.

Not Far Away, the mother-in-law who had been discussing the babies called out to her.

“Mom, Auntie. ”

Nuo Rouye and Madam Wen looked over in puzzlement, with a smile on their lips.

“What’s wrong? ”

Yang ran: “No, I just wanted to ask Auntie if she hugged Xiao Feng. ”

Nuo Rouye walked out for a while and slowly approached Yang Ran, looking confused. “Isn’t Xiao Feng always with you guys? Your mother and I have always been looking at the clothes, we didn’t hug the baby. ”

Xiao Feng was the boss, the smartest and most obedient, he had always been the one who made her worry the least, so she didn’t hug him.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen? ” Nuo Rouye looked confused.

As she spoke, she did not forget to look at Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi frowned, so no one could tell what she was thinking.

Xiao Xi never frowned easily. Nuo Rouye was not an idiot. She could not think of anything. Something must have happened. Otherwise, Xiao Xi would not be like this.

“Xiao Xi, what’s wrong? Did something happen? ” Nuo Rouye was extremely nervous.

Lu Yuxi was stunned for a while. She seemed to be thinking about something. “Mom, don’t talk. Let me think. ”

Nuo Rouye’s brows were also furrowed because of Lu Yuxi’s words. It seemed that something must have happened.

Lu Yuxi did not care about 31 as she rushed out directly.

“Xiao Xi, where are you going? ” Nuo Rouye was shocked when she saw Lu Yuxi rush out.

Lu Yuxi could not care less. She rushed out of the door to look for the baby.

It was the few people just now. The moment those few people walked in front of her, the baby could have been taken away.

Lu Yuxi’s heart could be said to be like ten thousand horses galloping. She really deserved to die. Why was she so careless? Why was she so careless.

Lu Yuxi could feel her heart turn cold.

She pushed through the crowd and looked for the baby one by one, hoping to see the baby’s figure.

“sorry, excuse me, excuse me. ” Lu Yuxi kept chasing forward. She really hoped to see the three disgusting women just now.

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