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Chapter 1182

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“Alright, Xiao Xi, I’ll bring the babies back first. If you have any changes, you must tell me. ” Nuo Rouye knew that the babies might be a little frightened today. Otherwise, why would they be so quiet today when they were always babbling.

“Yes, alright. ”

“Also, Xiao Xi, you have to pay attention to the child in your stomach, understand? ” Xiao Feng was important, but the child in her stomach was also a small life.

“Yes, I understand. Don’t worry. ”

Although Lu Yuxi did not say anything, she still had the same thought in her heart. She was married to Hei di of the gang. If he really could not protect himself because of her small actions, then there was no need for him to survive in the Hei family.

“Xiao Xi, are you pregnant? ” Yang ran was stunned.

“Yes, but now is not the time to talk about this. All of you can go back. I still have to get the video. ”

“But, Xiao Xi, you are already pregnant. I want to stay and help you. ”

“No need. Hei Bu will arrive soon. It’s fine as long as he’s here. You guys can go back first. ” Lu Yuxi sometimes liked to move alone. If she dragged someone who was weaker than her, it would only be a burden.

“Alright then, we’ll leave first. You must be careful. ”

“okay. ”

Lu Yuxi did not have time to watch them leave. Instead, she took the elevator to the security room at the entrance.

Perhaps they were all on duty. When Lu Yuxi went in, there was only one person in the security room.

“You’re back, aren’t you… Chairman Lu? ” The security guard who turned around immediately stood up when he saw Lu Yuxi.

The security guard really did not know why Lu Yuxi suddenly came here. Could it be that she was inspecting the work? Fortunately, he worked hard and did not slack off. Otherwise, he would definitely be caught.

“You, help me pull up the footage of the underground garage and the various exits, ” Lu Yuxi did not waste any time and said directly.

The Security Guard was stunned. Although he did not know what she was going to do, it seemed to be a bit difficult.

“Chairman Lu, there are videos of all the exits. However, the video of the underground garage was broken ten minutes ago. It was suddenly shut down. We have already sent people to check it out. ”

Lu Yuxi knew that something like this would happen. It seemed that the other party was not an easy person to deal with. He had actually broken the surveillance camera to achieve his goal.

“I understand. Then open the videos of all the exits and show them to me. Go back to 15 minutes ago and show them to me. ”

Although he did not know what to do, the security guard still had no reason to do so.

Lu Yuxi was still scrolling the mouse quickly, hoping to see what she wanted.

Sure enough, after she stepped back, she saw the figures of the three women and the baby.

The baby was already asleep. The person wearing a hat and a mask was carrying him.

Lu Yuxi was relieved to see that the baby was still safe. However, when the baby was carried by a stranger, it was always noisy and even struggled excitedly. However, the baby didn’t seem to make any movements.

If Lu Yuxi’s guess was right, it must have been drugged. It must have been used to calm him down. Damn it, it was used on such a young child. If she knew who it was, she would definitely not forgive her.

“Did you see anything? ” At this moment, Hei Bu appeared behind Lu Yuxi.

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