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Chapter 1184

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However, he betrayed Hei bu because he couldn’t stand the fact that Hei bu was more powerful than him.

He hadn’t been seen for a long time. Ling Hu said that he followed the leaders of other regions, and it seemed that he was the leader of the region.

Of course, he was definitely on the opposite side of Hei Bu.

“Send more men, go find him immediately. ”

If Wolf knew that it was his son, it would be an additional layer of danger. He had to send more men, otherwise, it would be very dangerous.

“Yes. ”

“Hei Bu, did something happen? ” Lu Yuxi asked nervously. This was about her son, and she didn’t want to miss it.

“Ling Hu said that half an hour ago, someone found their shadow, and they even saw Ah Lang. ”

Lu Yuxi widened her eyes. “What? Saw Ah Lang’s shadow? You mean, Ah Lang and Wang Maihe kidnapped our son together? ”

“Yes, yes. ” Hei Bu didn’t plan to hide it from her.

Lu Yuxi asked in disbelief. She wished that what she had just heard was fake.

If she said that Wang Maihe had kidnapped her son, perhaps she would call and threaten him. At least, she would know that the baby was safe.

However, if Wang Maihe was with Ah Lang, then the meaning would be different.

The reason why she knew about Ah Lang was because of Hei Bu. Ah Lang’s hatred towards HEI BU was like killing his father. Moreover, he was originally ruthless. Now that the baby had fallen into his hands, it was like a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth.

“Don’t worry. Since he didn’t kill Xiao Feng immediately, it proves that the baby is still very important to them. If they can’t find it, they might have to wait for news. ”

The Hei Bu Gang was such a terrifying name. Moreover, everyone knew Hei di’s name. Now that Hei di’s son had disappeared, the Hei Bu Gang naturally mobilized everyone. In a short period of time, the figures of the Hei Bu Gang could be seen everywhere in city A.

They didn’t know what they were doing. They only knew that they were a group of people that no one dared to approach.

With the help of the Hei Bu, Lu Yuxi could not help. She could only go home and wait for news.

“Xiao Xi, don’t be like this. The baby will definitely be fine. You should at least eat something. Your lack of food and drink really makes me feel uncomfortable. “.

Lu Yuxi shook her head. “Mom, the baby has been missing for more than five hours and there is still no news. How can I eat like this? ”

“How can this HEI BU do anything? It has been more than five hours and there is no signal at all. If this was any other time, we would have found him long ago. ”

“Mom, don’t blame the Hei Bu. Ah Lang has been with the Hei Bu for a few years. Of course, he knows what the Hei Bu is thinking. Moreover, he has learned a lot from the HEI BU. Therefore, he can hide very well. It’s not easy to find him. ”

Lu Yuxi knew that the Hei Bu had tried their best. However, perhaps there was really no other way. Perhaps the enemy was too cunning.

Right now, she only hoped that her son could hold on. He had to wait for her father to save him.

“Xiao Xi, since you know all these things, why don’t you eat first? After you eat, the Hei Bu might call to tell you the good news. Moreover, there are two of you now. You can’t just not eat. Do you understand? ” Nuo Rouye could be said to be trying to persuade her.

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