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Chapter 1186

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“Hehe, you can rest assured about this. How could I bear to kill such a cute little guy so cruelly? Don’t you think so? ”

The more anxious Lu Yuxi was, the more pleased Wang Maihe was, as if she had gotten a thrill here.

“Lu Yuxi, don’t worry. You’re not in pain. How could I kill your son so easily? I want to torture you slowly. I want to make you suffer. I want you to watch your son die in pain. ”

“Wang Maihe, don’t be so vicious. He’s just a child. If you have anything to do with him, come at me. ”

“No, it’s not fun to capture you. Capturing your son and watching you struggle is the most fun thing. hahaha ~ ” following the sound of laughter, Wang Maihe hung up the phone.

Lu Yuxi shouted angrily, “Wang Maihe, you bastard. Hello, hello? ”

The beeping sound brought Lu Yuxi back to reality.

“Damn it. ”

Nuo Rouye said carefully, “Xiao Xi, did the criminal call? ”

Lu Yuxi tried her best to calm herself down, “yes, he did. ”

Nuo Rouye was obviously very excited, “then Xiao Xi, did she have any opinions? Did she say how much money she wanted? Tell me, I’ll get the housekeeper to get it right away. ”

Lu Yuxi shook her head, “no, she didn’t ask for anything. ”

“Then what should we do? She didn’t ask for anything. How can we get Xiao Feng back? ” Hei Qingqing was also very worried.

Lu Yuxi tried her best to calm down and let her mind be clear This way, she could analyze it clearly. “If she didn’t make any requests, it would be impossible to get Xiao Feng back. Even if she did, she might not be able to get Xiao Feng back. She is coming for me. Xiao Feng will definitely not be let go. However, at least now I know that Xiao Feng is still safe. ”

Lu Yuxi’s analysis made them feel a lot more at ease, but they still could not let go of the burden in their hearts.

Lu Yuxi then dialed Hei BU’s number. “Hello, Hei Bu. That woman just called me. Did Wen fanjun detect the specific location of that woman? ”

It turned out that Lu Yuxi had already expected that Wang Maihe would definitely call to show off, so she had already asked Wen Fanjun to monitor her phone call.

“Yes, I’ve already found it. It’s in the suburbs of city A. But because the call was too short, I couldn’t find the exact location, so I could only try my luck. ”

“Hei Bu, I’m sorry. This is all my fault. I’ll leave my son to you. You must find him, okay? ”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. “Yes. ”

This “okay” was very heavy, as if it contained all the promises that Hei bu had made to Lu Yuxi.

“Hei Bu, thank you. I’ve never regretted marrying you. ”

The corner of Hei Bu’s mouth curled up. “Didn’t you say that we should never say thank you between husband and wife? ”

Lu Yuxi was obviously stunned. “Hei Bu, you… did you remember something? ”

“Yes, I remember. ” Because it was not amnesia, but hypnosis, and hypnosis was something that was controlled by the nerves, when he was nervous, it was as if his nerves had been cleared, and everything was running towards his head.

He remembered everything in the past.

“I will definitely bring my son back safely. You still have the baby waiting in your belly, waiting for me and Xiao Feng. ”

“okay, I will wait. ” She waited, waiting for the moment when he brought Xiao Feng back proudly into the house.

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