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Chapter 1187

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24 hours after Xiao Feng went missing, Lu Yuxi finally broke down.

Xiao Feng, where are you? Why aren’t there any shadows.

Lu Yuxi quietly looked out of the window, wishing she could see a familiar shadow.

Her phone rang, and Lu Yuxi’s hands trembled as she picked it up. She didn’t know whether this call brought good news or bad news, and it made her afraid.

“I’m sorry, we found the location, but they still left first. ” Hei Bu’s silent voice sounded apologetic.

This news was indeed not what Lu Yuxi wanted to hear. Since she could not find it, she wanted to know about the baby’s safety. “where’s the baby? Is the baby safe? ”

“The baby should be safe for the time being because Ah Lang offered me a deal. If I don’t agree, he won’t dare to attack the baby. You can rest assured about this. ”

“Rest assured, how can I rest assured? ” Right now, other than worry, she was also worried.

“Ju just received the latest report from Ling Hu. They left the country two hours ago because they were afraid of our tracking. ”

Lu Yuxi frowned. “left the country? Where did they go? ”

“Country F. ”

Lu Yuxi was even more worried. Wasn’t country f the country where the volcano caused the plague Although it had not happened yet, Lu Yuxi remembered that it happened around this time in her previous life.

If they left the country at this time, the result of the accident would be very obvious.

“Hei Bu, are you sure they really went to that country? ” Lu Yuxi asked again to confirm.

“Yes, ling Hu said that he did find out that they went to this country. Moreover, Ah Lang has a position in this country. It is very possible that he went there to hide from us. ”

“Then what do you plan to do now? ” Lu Yuxi asked for Hei Bu’s opinion.

“I’ve already asked Ling Hu to prepare a plane. We’ll set off after giving you a call. ”

Lu Yuxi hesitated for a moment. “Wait a moment. ”

“What’s wrong? ” Hei Bu looked at Lu Yuxi in confusion.

“I’ll go with you. ” In her previous life, only she knew about these things. At that time, she had paid attention to these things. Now in this life, she was probably the most familiar with them, so she had to go.

The people from Hei Bu were obviously stunned. “Xiao Xi, you have to know that it’s very dangerous over there. ”

“I know it’s very dangerous, but you also know my character. I can’t sit still. It’s already not easy for me to be able to do this. Hei Bu, can you take me there? ”

The sudden situation over there really scared Lu Yuxi. She didn’t know what would happen over there.

“Okay, you wait at home. I’ll go and pick you up now. ”

“Okay, okay. ”

With Hei Bu’s promise, Lu Yuxi was relieved.

“sister-in-law, I want to go too. ” Hei Qingqing pushed the door open at this time.

It turned out that Hei Qingqing had already listened to the conversation between Lu Yuxi and Hei Bu.

“Qingqing, you… ”

“Okay, sister-in-law, don’t talk to me about whether it’s dangerous or not. You can go as a pregnant woman, why can’t I go as a doctor? Besides, Xiao Feng is my nephew. If anything happens, I’ll be the first to be there. ”

Indeed, Hei Qingqing was not a weak doctor, but a black belt expert. She believed that she could be competent wherever she went. Moreover, the situation there was not stable, so she might be able to prevent many sudden illnesses.

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