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Chapter 1188

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“Okay, ” Lu Yuxi agreed.

“Is brother coming? I’ll go and prepare. ”

“Qingqing, wait a moment, ” Lu yuxi stopped Hei Qingqing.

Hei Qingqing, who had walked to the door, turned back, “what’s wrong, sister-in-law? ”

“Qingqing, remember to bring the medicine box. Also, you must bring antibiotics and medicine to strengthen your body, understand? ”

The plague was during this period of time. Although the antibiotics could not completely control the disease, they could at least temporarily control it. She could only pray that this period of time was not the peak of the plague.

Lu Yuxi did not know whether it was right or wrong to let Hei Qingqing go. However, since she had chosen the road herself, she would let her go.

In less than ten minutes, Lu Yuxi heard the sound of a car.

She pulled Hei Qingqing and Lu Yuxi got into the car.

Nuo Rouye looked at the people in the car worriedly. The people in the car were all her loved ones. Now that they were going to such a dangerous place, how could she not be worried.

“You must take good care of yourselves when you go there. When you come back, I want to see you come back safely, okay? ”

Nuo Rouye was a wise mother. She did not stop them from going abroad this time. Hei Qingqing was a doctor, and she could protect herself. She believed in her. Also, Lu Yuxi was definitely not the kind of person who would go whenever she wanted. The reason why she went.. Must be because of her.

“Mom, don’t worry. We will definitely come back safely. You, nephew, and niece are waiting for us at home. We will definitely bring Xiao Feng back, ” Hei Qingqing comforted

Lu Yuxi said, “mom, I will leave the babies to you to take care of while Hei bu and I are away. ”

“Don’t worry, I will take good care of Dad. ”

“okay, then, mom, let’s go. ”

The car started to move slowly, getting further and further away from Nuo Rouye.

Looking at the car leaving, Nuo Rouye sighed. As long as they could come back safely, she would be thankful to the heavens.

The car did not travel to the airport, but to an empty grassland. On the grassland, there was a plane that had been prepared beforehand.

“Hei di, everything is ready, ” Ling Hu said respectfully.

Hei Bu’s face darkened. “Are you sure they went to country F? ”

“Yes, very sure, but unfortunately, once they went there, they lost all information. It looks like we’ll have to think long and hard about where we go. ”

Ah Lang was indeed someone who had followed him before. He was very smart. He knew that there was no way to hide in the country, so he fled abroad. He was really smart.

Now in country F, although the gangs had connections here, they were obviously not as strong as in the country. This time, it looked like they were going to fight a long battle.

On the plane.

“Blargh, Blargh” the turbulence of the plane and the pregnancy made Lu yuxi feel a little overwhelmed.

Hei Qingqing carefully handed over a tissue and gently stroked her back, alleviating her symptoms once.

“sister-in-law, are you okay? ”

Sigh, sister-in-law was really tough. It made one’s heart ache. Ever since she married into the Hei family, she had never had a peaceful day.

Initially, she thought that she could recuperate peacefully after being pregnant, but who knew that such a thing would happen.

Poor sister-in-law, she felt like she had been burdened all this time. Fortunately, it was her. If it was anyone else, they would have died countless times.

Hei Bu frowned and handed the water over. His heart was full of heartache.

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