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Chapter 1189

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Lu Yuxi took the water from Hei Bu and waved her hand to indicate that she was fine.

Although Lu Yuxi said so, everyone saw it and felt the pain in their hearts.

In the blink of an eye, eight hours had passed on the plane. The attentive Ling Hu had also arranged the hotel. In other words, Xiao Feng had been missing for nearly 32 hours.

In the hotel.

“Hei Bu, have you still not found Xiao Feng? ” Lu Yuxi was extremely worried.

Hei Bu passed the milk in his hand to her. “I’ve already asked Ling Hu to increase the manpower to look for him. There should be some clues soon. Moreover, Ah Lang has already made a deal with me. Even if we can’t find him, he will definitely call us. ”

“Does he know that we are leaving the country? ” Lu Yuxi continued to ask.

Lu Yuxi was worried. If they knew that they had tracked them here, they would definitely be nervous. If they were too excited and did something to Xiao Feng, what should they do.

“No, we left the country secretly this time. It’s impossible for them to know about us. Now, both of us are in the dark. ”

With the words of Hei Bu, Lu Yuxi felt much more at ease.

“Hei Bu, I… ”

Lu Yuxi wanted to say something, but her phone rang at this time.

The two of them were stunned.

Hei Bu looked at the number and looked at Lu Yuxi, “yes, Wolf’s phone. ”

“Pick it up, pick it up quickly. Wen fanjun is already monitoring them. We should be able to know their approximate location. ”

Hei Bu nodded and picked up the phone: “speak. ”

“Hei di, how is it? I heard that you have already spread out your net to look for us. ” Not knowing that HEI BU had already gone abroad, ah Lang was very proud.

Hei Bu Sneered: “You are well informed. ”

“I am naturally well informed. I also want to tell you one more thing, it is impossible for you to find us. Don’t waste so much manpower and material resources. ” Ah Lang was getting more and more proud as he spoke.

“whether I can find you or not, it is not up to you. You are someone who has followed me before. Do you think there is still someone that I, Hei Bu, can not find? ”

“Hehe, Hei di, you must be joking. It is precisely because I have followed you that I know of your tricks. ”

“Oh, is that so? ” Hei Bu sneered. If he was so easily guessed, then he was no longer Hei di.

“Haha, it seems that Hei di is only so-so. Also, have you considered what I told you? Do you want your son’s life or the documents? I believe that your son’s life should be more important. ”

Lu Yuxi heard what the other party said and kept saying, “Hei Bu, let him speak to Xiao Feng. Let him speak to Xiao Feng. ”

Hei Bu nodded, indicating that he understood what she meant.

“My son’s life is more important than the documents, but now that my son is in your hands, we don’t even know if he’s dead or alive. ” Hei Bu cleverly led him in that direction.

“Hei di, you can rest assured about this. Since I said that I won’t hurt your son before you hand over the documents, I won’t. ”

“How do I know if what you said is true? If you really didn’t do anything to my son, then fine, let my son answer the phone. ”

“Haha, Hei di, are you kidding? How old is your son? If you let him answer the phone, what else can he do besides crying? ”

Ah Lang had a mocking look on his face, as if he looked down on the baby.

In fact, he didn’t know that Xiao Feng was actually very smart. It was very easy for him to listen to the phone.

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