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Chapter 1190

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In the past, Lu Yuxi was often not at home. Every time Nuo Rouye talked to Lu Yuxi on the phone, Nuo Rouye would ask the children to come over and listen to their mother’s voice.

Although the babies still did not understand, every time Lu Yuxi said a word, they would reply as if they understood.

“Hei Bu, don’t care what he says. Make sure the baby answers the phone. When the time comes, I will talk to the baby, ” Lu Yuxi reminded him.

Hei Bu nodded his head in understanding.

“Ah Lang, aren’t you underestimating my son from Hei Bu? How can my son from Hei bu not understand such a simple thing? ”

“Oh, do you really understand? Then I want to see how powerful your son is. ” As he said that, the other party shouted, “hurry up and bring the child over. ”

“Wow, wow! ” The Unfamiliar Environment, The unfamiliar people, and the lack of familiar people scared Xiao Feng. That was why he kept crying.

“What are you crying for? Your parents aren’t dead yet. Why are you crying so sad? ” Ah Lang did not care how young the child was. He shouted at the child.

Lu Yuxi heard the situation from Hei Bu’s phone and could not stand it any longer. She stood up and snatched the phone from Hei Bu’s hand.

“Ah Lang, don’t go too far. He’s still a child. Why are you shouting? ”

Suddenly hearing a woman’s voice, ah Lang’s playfulness exploded.

“Yo, why is there a woman’s voice? Could it be the woman who made Hei di love her to death? ”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. Let me tell you, you better treat the child better. Please don’t let the child be the scapegoat for our adult grudges. ”

Ah Lang, Lu Yuxi had never seen him before, but she heard Hei bu and Ling Hu talking. He was a competitive person, and his snake-like Heart was disgusting.

Ah Lang smiled and didn’t say anything. Lu Yuxi really couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

At this time, the crying was getting louder and louder. If Lu Yuxi didn’t guess wrongly, the phone should be in Xiao Feng’s ear now.

“Wa… Wa… ” Xiao Feng cried hysterically. His cry was so hoarse that it made people’s hearts ache …

Lu Yuxi comforted her with heartache, “Xiao Feng, don’t cry. I’m your mother. Can you hear me? I’m your mother. ”

Perhaps it was because she heard a familiar voice that made Xiao Feng quiet down. Because she had cried for too long, she kept sobbing.

“Xiao Feng, can you hear your mother’s words? If you can hear your mother’s words, can you speak? ”

Hearing their son’s hysterical crying, Hei Bu and Lu Yuxi felt as if their hearts were broken. This voice really made one’s heart ache.

“Ma, Ma. ” Perhaps it was because of Lu Yuxi’s voice, Xiao Feng’s voice was hoarse as he called out the word ‘mother’ .

After 32 hours, when she suddenly heard her son’s voice, Lu Yuxi felt as if the world had suddenly opened up. She felt as if the dark clouds from earlier had disappeared without a trace.

“Hey, I’m here. Mother is here. ”

When the HEI BU heard her son’s voice, other than being a little excited, there was nothing else. However, it was different for the wolf.

As if he had heard something unbelievable, he stared at the Little Guy.

Just now, he had only heard a female voice. The little guy stopped crying and did not say anything. However, he could actually accurately call out the word ‘mother’ . It was really unbelievable.

Was this really a child that was not even one year old Was his brain working too fast?

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