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Chapter 1191

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“Baby, listen to Mommy, don’t cry, don’t cry, Daddy will definitely think of a way to save you, be good. ” Hearing her son’s voice, Lu Yuxi’s heart was at least a little excited.

“Yi Ya Ya. ” Also know the baby to listen to, on Yi Yi Ya Ya a pair of answers Lu Yuxi’s appearance.

The Wolf shook his head incredulously. As expected of the son of Hei Bu, he was so powerful that he could really understand and answer in a babbling way.

It seemed that this child was destined to be more powerful than the average person when he grew up.

“Alright, you heard the child’s voice, right? I’ll give you another day for the documents. ”

“Du Du… ” before Lu Yuxi could speak, the sound of the phone hanging up came from the other end …

When Lu Yuxi called again, the other party’s phone was already switched off.

“What documents do they want? ” Lu Yuxi kept talking about the documents, but she did not even know what the documents were.

Hei Bu frowned. “The documents are the names of the spies of the other gangs, as well as the information. ”

Lu Yuxi was stunned. She thought it was something related to money, but she didn’t expect it to be a document related to human lives.

After all, the most taboo thing was spies and traitors. If this list was really handed over, then it was impossible for only one person to die.

If Lu Yuxi’s guess was right, this list contained the lives of at least a hundred people.

This was a life and death book. It was about all the people in the gang who risked their lives to protect the safety of the gang.

Lu Yuxi knew that the gang could only be as strong as they were today because of the bravery of these brothers.

“This document can not be handed over, ” Lu Yuxi said with a cold face.

Hei Bu was stunned. He was shocked by Lu Yuxi’s thoughts.

This was a life and death book, but it was also Xiao Feng’s life-saving Straw.

He thought that Lu Yuxi, who loved her son dearly, would ask him to hand over the name list to ensure her son’s life. However, he had underestimated his wife. He had underestimated his wife.

“Xiao Feng’s life is important, but Hei Bu, you have to know that the gang is protected by your brothers. If you use hundreds of lives to exchange for someone else’s life, they will be disappointed. ”

“Xiao Xi. ” Hei Bu was stunned by Lu Yuxi’s words.

“Hei Bu, don’t talk. Listen to me. Don’t mind my thoughts. I know Xiao Feng and the list are important, but sometimes, you can’t have it both ways. ” Lu Yuxi didn’t know if she was right or wrong.

But at least she didn’t give this problem to Hei Bu. If she gave this problem to Hei Bu, perhaps he would be in an even more difficult situation than she was.

Hei Bu didn’t know whether he should be happy or not. He was happy. Perhaps it was because he had a considerate wife who thought of everything for her.

After being married to Lu Yuxi for so long, he never seemed to regret it. If he regretted it, it was because he regretted marrying her and suffering along with him.

If he was unhappy, it was because if he did not hand over the name list, Xiao Feng would very likely be killed by them. This was their child.

If something like this really happened, even a man like him might not be able to withstand it, let alone her. She, who loved her child so much, would be very sad.

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