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Chapter 1192

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“Xiao Xi, have you thought it through? You have to know… ”

“Alright, Hei Bu, stop talking. Since it’s already decided, stop talking. ” Even if they handed over the documents in a day’s time, so what? How could they be sure that they would let him go if they handed over the documents.

Lu Yuxi did not let HEI BU continue talking. She was afraid that if he continued talking, she would really change her mind. Who would have thought that she had used up so much courage to make this decision.

“We can think of another way to deal with Xiao Feng’s matter. Besides, didn’t he say that he would give us a day “anything is possible in a day. Also, Wang Maihe has spoken to me on the phone. I believe that she won’t let Xiao Feng die so quickly. She hasn’t tortured me yet, so it’s impossible for her to give up so easily. ”

Thinking of this, Lu Yuxi herself heaved a sigh of relief.

Hei Bu did not speak. At this moment, he actually did not know what to say. Perhaps he was immersed in his choice.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi seemed to have thought of something. “Hei Bu, do you think this document can be simulated? ”

Hei Bu’s head suddenly seemed to be electrified. “Yes, a document. Other than me, no one else knows. ”

“Then this is easy. Since we haven’t seen it, only you have seen it. How will others know if the document is real or fake? We’ll make a fake one first. Even if it can’t be fake, when they take it over, they will need an address. When that time comes, we can use this address to reduce the distance. ”

Hei Bu nodded. He was very sure of Lu Yuxi’s words. He had been too anxious and had not thought of this. Now that he thought about it, he realized that there was such a move.

“Alright, I got it. I’ll get Fan Jun to make a copy and have him stand by. ” Ling Hu was already overseas. In order not to arouse suspicion, only Fan Jun was in the country now. Furthermore, his electronics were so powerful. It was perfect for him to hand it over to Ling Hu.

However, this was also a gamble. If one was not careful, this document might be the last Straw.

“Okay, I will tell Fan Jun about this and remind him of this. ”

“Okay. ” Now, Lu Yuxi could only wait. So what if she came here? There was no news, so she could only wait.

The next day, not long after Wen fanjun sent out the document, Ah Lang immediately called.

Lu Yuxi, Hei Bu looked at the number nervously. Could it be that he saw something.

“Pick it up. I believe in Fan Jun. the thing he made should not be so easily seen through, ” Lu Yuxi reminded the book.

“Have you received the item? ” Hei Bu looked calm. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Laughter came from the other end of the phone. “Haha, Hei di, I really didn’t expect your precious son to be so important. You even handed over such an important list. If your brothers who worked for you know that you sold them out so easily, how sad would they be? ”

From the sound of his voice, he couldn’t tell. This could be considered a good thing.

“Cut the crap. I’ve already given you the documents. What more do you want? Release the child immediately. ” Hei Bu’s face darkened when he heard him.

“Child? What Child? Did I say that I would release the child? ” Ah Lang pretended to be surprised.

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