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Chapter 1196

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Hei Bu’s face darkened as he rejected her, “no need, my resistance is very strong, there’s no need for an injection. ”

Since she could not persuade her, Hei Qingqing decided to let Lu Yuxi step in, “sister-in-law, look at big brother, he doesn’t want an injection. Can you help me out? You have to know that this injection is concerned about his health. ”

Lu Yuxi nodded, “yes, Hei Bu, listen to me clearly. Now is not the time to be stubborn. ”

“I… ” Hei Bu still hesitated …

Lu Yuxi finally reacted. “Hei Bu, you’re not afraid of needles, are you? ”

Hei Bu was a little embarrassed by Lu Yuxi’s question.

However, Hei Qingqing still nodded for him. “Yes, yes. Big Brother has always been afraid of needles since he was young. ”

This was akin to hitting HEI BU’s wound. Hei Bu’s face immediately turned black.

Lu Yuxi smiled bitterly and patted HEI BU’s shoulder. “Alright, you’re someone who isn’t afraid of death even with a gun. How can you be afraid of such a small needle? If this gets out, who knows how many people will laugh their teeth off. Moreover, do you want your unborn child to know that his father is someone who will be afraid of needles? ”

Lu Yuxi pointed at her stomach on purpose. From the past, the Hei Bu had always had a high and mighty image in front of the baby, so Lu Yuxi said it on purpose.

Perhaps it was because of Lu Yuxi’s words that the Hei Bu’s heart wavered.

“alright, don’t hesitate anymore. Be a role model for the future child. Moreover, you have to bring a healthy body to save Xiao Feng. You can’t just fall down like this. Let’s go, I’ll accompany you to get an injection. ”

“No need, Qingqing, let’s go and get an injection. ” He didn’t want Lu Yuxi to be by his side. It was simply embarrassing for him.

Hei Qingqing eagerly caught up with HEI BU. “Alright, let’s go. I’ll give you an injection. ”

To be honest, Hei Qingqing had loved seeing Hei bu getting an injection ever since she was young. One of the main reasons why she became a doctor was because she wanted to see hei bu getting an injection.

However, HEI BU did not get sick easily. It was either a small cold once or twice a year that could be cured by itself. There was no way to give him an injection. Now, it was simply giving her such a good opportunity.

Hei Bu was speechless. “Hei Qingqing, you better be careful. ”

Hei Qingqing said with a silly smile, “okay, okay, okay. I will definitely be careful. ”

Hei Qingqing’s little devil hands instantly had a sense of conspiracy.

Hei Bu, I let you bully me normally. This time, I will let you know whose home ground this is.

Lu Yuxi looked helplessly at Hei Bu. Hei Qingqing’s figure had left. She had a feeling that Hei bu would be angry later.

Sure enough, five minutes later, HEI BU walked out with a black face.

“Big Brother, don’t be so stubborn. You know how painful it is to receive an injection. You are a man, so why are you afraid of pain? Don’t you agree? ” Although Hei Qingqing said so, she was already laughing in her heart.

If I let you bully me and don’t let you suffer, you wouldn’t know that your sister is so hard to bully.

Lu Yuxi said, “alright, Qingqing, stop fooling around. Hurry up and give Ling Hu and the others an injection. We don’t have so much time. We have to find Xiao Feng. ”

It had been many hours since Xiao Feng went missing. Xiao Feng was just a child and her resistance was so weak. Lu Yuxi was afraid that Xiao Feng would be in trouble before they did anything to Xiao Feng.

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