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The daughter of a wealthy family who had been reborn earned a lot of money (Web Novel) - Chapter 1203: Number 1,205 saw Xiao Feng

Chapter 1203: Number 1,205 saw Xiao Feng

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The driver did not know what she saw, and it caused her state of mind to suddenly change. As a result, his gaze moved towards her gaze.

He saw a woman that was similar to an Eastern country, carrying a child in her arms.

This was nothing strange. Why was she so pleasantly surprised?

Lu Yuxi excitedly looked at the car over there. Sure enough, her sixth sense was not wrong. It was indeed Xiao Feng.

Wang Maihe carried Xiao Feng and did not know why they were here. However, it could be seen that the little guy did not cooperate at all, but he did not cry. However, from his appearance, it could be seen that he was really scared.

AELA had a seductive look on her face as she looked at Xiao Feng with a smile. “I say, could this child be sick? Why can’t he cry? If it was someone else’s child, he would have cried a long time ago. ”

Wang Maihe frowned as she looked at the little boy in front of her. “Does he dare to cry? ”

Although Wang Maihe said that, she had to admit that this child was indeed more calm than ordinary people.

Ever since Lu Yuxi’s phone call, this child had not cried at all. She had also threatened him to put himself in a small dark room, but he did not seem to feel like crying at all.

AELA smiled and said, “is that so? It seems that the child of Hei di really can not be looked down upon by others. If he grows up, he will probably be another person who will shock the world. ”

Wang Maihe could not help but tighten her grip on Xiao Feng.

Although the baby did not cry, the baby’s skin was originally very tender. Now that it was pinched, it immediately turned red.

AELA’s heart ached, “Maihe, what are you doing? This is a child. What if such a beautiful child is pinched? ”

“crushed? My goal is not to crush him. When my goal is achieved, I will definitely not let this scourge live in this world. ” Wang Maihe’s eyes were fierce as she spoke.

Wang Maihe’s action made AELA frown. The reason why she was with them was because Wang Maihe had saved her life back then.

She was the youngest daughter of Glory World Group, and Glory World Company was also the richest person in this city. Their names included hotels, restaurants.. Wait, in short, speaking of glory world here, it could be said that everyone knew about it.

And her big sister was the general manager of glory world. Because she had saved her, she generously became friends with her.

Wang Maihe was very smart and knew how to run a business, so her big sister and her got along very well. She even split a lot of land and money, and even sincerely became friends with her.

And her life was saved by her, so naturally, she became friends with her.

When she heard that she had kidnapped Hei di’s son and escaped to this place, she was very shocked. She even advised her, saying that Hei di could not be offended.

However, when she said that Hei di was the person who killed his father, she did not say anything more.

She could not care less about these grudges, and she did not want to. She was only responsible for bringing her here. This was just what a friend should do.

Of course, big sister did not know about this. If she knew, for the sake of glory world, she would definitely not allow herself to be together with Wang Maihe.

They knew how powerful hei DI’s forces were. If something really happened, Hei di would really blame it. If something really happened because of Hei di’s anger, she really could not take responsibility. …

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