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Chapter 1204

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However, when she saw Wang Maihe pinch the child’s calf, AELA had a strange look in her eyes. It was only because of Hei di’s hatred for him. Even if she kidnapped the child, she would not treat him this way.

From here, Aela began to feel whether what she did was right or not. This woman was really worthy of her sincere love

Lu Yuxi also saw this scene. Her heart was full of heartache, but she was very rational. She did not directly rush over. Instead, she stayed in the car and observed the situation on the other side.

It was not suitable for her to rush up now. If she went up like this, it was most likely that Xiao Feng would leave in front of her again.

Lu Yuxi called the Hei Bu, but before she took out her phone, she remembered something.

At that time, when the Hei Bu, Qing Qing, and Ling Hu were changing their clothes, because it was inconvenient, they all handed their phones to her. Only the Hei Bu’s communication device was left. However, she did not know how to dial it.

The current Lu Yuxi could not go back and tell the Hei Bu, so she could only keep an eye on it.

“Master, can’t we ask you for a favor? ”

“please say it, Madam. ”

“Can you go to the hospital just now and help me find my husband and ask him to come here? Just tell him that Xiao Feng saw him here. Can you do that? Can you help me with this? ”

The master in front of Lu Yuxi wasn’t from the Hei Bu, so it was a little difficult for Lu Yuxi to ask him to do things.

The master was a little stunned, but he didn’t object. “Okay, sure. Do you want to go now? ”

“Yes, right now. Remember, you must tell him that I’m here, do you understand? ”

“Yes, I understand. ”

At this moment, Wang Maihe also carried the baby in. After Lu Yuxi finished her instructions, she got out of the car and followed behind Wang Maihe.

Because she was afraid of arousing suspicion, Lu Yuxi followed a little behind. However, what made her curious was why they came to the department store.

Now that people were anxious because of the virus, they actually had the mood to visit the department store.

Seeing that they had entered the department store, Lu Yuxi secretly followed behind them.

“Maihe, don’t tell me you want to come here to visit the mall at this time? ” AELA was a little confused. After all, this was not an ordinary period of time. There were viruses everywhere. People could not even hide in time, so why would they come out to shop.

“I don’t want to come here either, but look at this child. He is not an ordinary difficult person to please. Although he does not have a long life, he is still useful. Buy Him to buy some milk powder to eat first. Otherwise, if he starved to death, he would not have any chips in his hand. ” Wang Maihe smiled strangely.

AELA frowned. “Maihe, he is just a child after all. If Hei di really killed your father, you can choose to use this child to take revenge. Why do you still want to hurt him? ”

The child had big eyes, a cute little nose, and a Chubby face that people could not help but want to pinch. His aggrieved little eyes made people feel heartache.

“AELA, don’t tell me you want to meddle in other people’s business. We are friends. Don’t tell me you want to stand in other people’s perspective and help others. ” Wang Maihe narrowed her eyes.

To be honest, she really did not like this woman named Aela. If it were not for the fact that she was still useful, she would not even look at her. If she was here, she might just ruin her own good deed.

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