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Chapter 1205

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“Maihe, I don’t want to meddle in your affairs, but you have to know that this is just a child, and it’s such an innocent child. There’s no need to vent the anger of adults on her. ” This time, Aela clearly said everything that she wanted to say.

Wang Maihe’s eyes flashed. Sure enough, she couldn’t say too much to this woman. In order to prevent her from going on and on, Wang Maihe chose to be perfunctory.

“Alright, I got it. Don’t say anymore. I have my own limits. I won’t touch her, alright? ”

With Wang Maihe’s words, Aela did not say anything else.

However, from Lu Yuxi’s point of view, she seemed to see that they were arguing. Lu Yuxi was completely confused.

Then, she looked at Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng did not cry. Although she was held by Wang Maihe, from her expression, she looked like she was disgusted.

Xiao Feng who did not cry or make a fuss made Lu Yuxi’s heart ache. She was clearly so young, but she had to go through such a big thing. Xiao Feng, I’m sorry. Mommy will definitely think of a way to save you.

Wang Maihe carried Xiao Feng into a clothing store.

It was no wonder that Xiao Feng had not changed her clothes since the day she was kidnapped. It was already dirty, so it was time to change.

However, Lu Yuxi did not understand why Wang Maihe, who wanted to kill Xiao Feng, would do this to Xiao Feng. What was her motive for doing this.

Lu Yuxi did not follow him in. She only stared at Xiao Feng from afar.

About five minutes later, Lu Yuxi saw Wang Maihe carrying the baby out. It seemed that she had bought something good.

It was no wonder. She hated Xiao Feng so much. How could she choose her clothes properly? Five minutes was already a very normal thing.

Then, Lu Yuxi followed them up to the first floor. The things on the first floor were obviously children’s things. Lu Yuxi was not in the mood to watch them buy anything. Instead, she was focused on looking behind her.

Why didn’t HEI BU come? Did the driver not inform them She was a pregnant woman. If she left, she would not be able to catch up.

Even if she could catch up, how could she be a match for her.

At this moment.

Lu Yuxi seemed to have suddenly seen hope. She looked excitedly at Xiao Feng’s position.

“AELA, I’m going to the bathroom. Can you help me carry this child? ” Wang Maihe said with a cold face. While she was talking, her cell phone kept ringing, making her seem very annoyed.

How could a missy like AELA carry a child? Moreover, she was wearing high heels. The baby looked a little heavy. She was afraid that she would not be able to carry it.

“Maihe, you are making things difficult for me. How could I possibly carry a child? ” Logically speaking, her elder sister was already in her thirties, and should also get married and have children.

However, everyone knew that her elder sister was a strong woman. Not to mention having children, getting married might even be a difficult thing.

Wang Maihe rolled her eyes and showed a helpless expression. “It’s just carrying a child. How simple is that? Look, isn’t it just carrying it with two hands? ”

To be honest, after carrying it for so long, the little guy still had a bit of weight. He was truly a bit tired.

“But, I really don’t know how to carry him. Why don’t we put him down? Maybe he already knows how to stand. ” Two people who didn’t understand children gathered together. They were destined to not understand anything.

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