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Chapter 1206

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“Are you kidding me? How old does he look? He can only sit at most. How can he stand steadily? ” Wang Maihe completely denied Aela.

“Let’s give it a try. How would we know if we don’t try? Come, let me carry him down. ”

AELA actually didn’t know how to carry him. She just felt that the baby had been struggling in Wang Maihe’s arms, looking like he wanted to break free, so she wanted her to put him down.

AELA took Xiao Feng and gently put him on the ground.

Xiao Feng hated Wang Maihe’s embrace. Now that he was put down, his short legs started to run behind him.

It was okay. He was still too young and his legs were still too short. Wang Maihe pulled him back by his clothes in three moves.

She really didn’t expect this little guy not only to be able to stand, but also to trot.

AELA also looked incredulous. As expected of the son of Hei di. He was able to trot at such a young age. He was destined to be a disaster when he grew up.

“I knew you could run. I should have put you down to walk a long time ago. You’ve tired me out on this journey. ” Wang Maihe expressed her anger.

AELA smiled, “Maihe, you go first. I’ll just stay here and watch him. ”

“En? Okay, this little guy is very good at running. You have to be careful. ”

“En, I know. ”

Lu Yuxi watched Wang Maihe leave from afar. There was only that seductive woman and the constantly moving Xiao Feng left.

Lu Yuxi felt a trace of hope.

It was at this moment, perhaps this woman did not recognize her, so she might as well take this opportunity to save Xiao Feng.

After confirming that Wang Maihe was far away, Lu Yuxi began to walk towards them in a planned manner.

Looking at the extremely active little guy who always wanted to escape, AELA gently squatted down and gently pressed him down.

“What’s wrong? Look at Aunty, are you uncomfortable walking somewhere? ”

She had always liked children, and now that she met such a cute and heartbreaking child, Aela completely overflowed with women.

Perhaps because she could not feel AELA’s hostility, Xiao Feng gradually stopped and pouted with an aggrieved expression.

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. ” The more she said, the more aggrieved Xiao Feng wanted to cry.

AELA looked like she was heartbroken. “Alright, don’t be sad. That auntie was just playing with you. She will soon let you go back to your mommy. ”

Even though she knew that the baby might not understand these words, she still said it very seriously.

It was time for Lu Yuxi to go on stage. “Wow, whose child is this? Why is it so cute? ”

She pretended not to know and did not know. Only then would it be easy to get close to her.

“Ma, Ma. ” Seeing Lu Yuxi, Xiao Feng was extremely excited. He stretched out his small hand and waved it in the air, looking so wronged that he wanted to hug her.

Seeing Xiao Feng like this, Lu Yuxi felt so distressed that she wanted to hug her, but she could not.

“Aiya, this child is so cute. Why does she call others ‘mommy’ whenever she sees them? ” Lu Yuxi directly blocked him?

AELA was a little embarrassed. “Oh, I’m sorry. The child has not seen mommy for a long time, so he might Miss Mommy a little, so he called her by mistake. I’m sorry. ”

Lu Yuxi smiled and continued, “yes, the children nowadays would indeed call someone else their mother if they didn’t see their mother for so long. ”

Lu Yuxi deliberately put AELA’s thoughts on the wrong side so that she wouldn’t be suspected.

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