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Chapter 1210

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It seemed that Wang Maihe had come out from the toilet.

However, after seeing the two tall and strong men behind Wang Maihe, Lu Yuxi could not remain calm. It seemed that she did not go to the toilet just now, but to meet someone.

If she saw that she and Xiao Feng were together, she would definitely not be able to escape.

There was really no other way. If she could not force it, Lu Yuxi could only go soft. “Miss, I have followed you all the way here and I know that you are not a bad person. Can You let us go? ”

AELA frowned, but she still held Lu Yuxi’s arm tightly.

Lu Yuxi knew that she was still indifferent, so she continued, “do you know what kind of person Wang Maihe is? If she catches Xiao Feng again, she will definitely kill Xiao Feng. ”

“She won’t. She has already promised me that she will not kill him. She should not lie to me. ” AELA still firmly believed what Wang Maihe had just said.

Lu Yuxi sneered, “you are too naive. She is definitely not as simple as you think. She will definitely kill Xiao Feng. Don’t tell me that you can’t tell what kind of person she is from her actions? ”

Lu Yuxi’s words caused Aela to ponder. Indeed, in many areas, Wang Maihe’s actions were indeed wrong. Moreover, the people she came into contact with were also very incomprehensible.

At this moment, Wang Maihe, who had been looking around for Xiao Feng’s figure, seemed to have seen Lu Yuxi from afar. At first, she was in disbelief. At the last moment, she reacted and rushed over.

Lu Yuxi secretly cursed, “Damn it. ”

Although they had just run a long distance, which was about two floors, if she was constantly being held back by AELA, she would be caught sooner or later.

“It’s too late. Wang Maihe is rushing over now. If you don’t let us go, it’s really too late. Are you really going to watch such a small child die? ”

AELA still could not bear to do so. She let go of Lu Yuxi’s hand. “run quickly, or it’s too late. ”

With AELA’s permission, Lu Yuxi could not care less. She immediately picked up the baby and ran.

Sure enough, this woman was not as bad as she had imagined. Since she would let them go, this time, she must escape. Definitely.

Wang Maihe ran for a long distance before she finally stopped beside AELA. “Aela, what are you doing? How could you let that woman take the child away? Do you know that you’ve ruined my plan? ”

Wang maihe completely blamed AELA.

AELA crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Wang Maihe, are you blaming me now? ”

“If I’m not blaming you, am I complimenting you? Do you know what you’ve done? ”

The more she listened to Wang Maihe blaming herself, the more AELA could feel her vicious face. It was really disgusting.

AELA was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had been extremely precious since she was young. Now that Wang Maihe had scolded her, she had completely crossed her bottom line.

“Wang Maihe, let me tell you. I won’t care about your matters anymore. I don’t want to care anymore. Don’t look for me again in the future. I can’t be friends with people like you. ”

Even though she had saved her life, she had already repaid him enough in the past two years.

As she said this, Aela left angrily.

Wang Maihe watched AELA’s back as she left and clenched her fists. “Lu Yuxi, this fellow, with her child, shouldn’t be able to run out of here so quickly. The two of you, immediately send someone to block the door for me. ”

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