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Chapter 1211

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Even though Lu Yuxi had run away first, she was still carrying the child. How could she possibly outrun these men.

Therefore, when Lu Yuxi wanted to leave through the door, she realized that there were already people guarding the door. If she went out now, it would be a miracle if she didn’t get caught.

Moreover, every place in the mall seemed to be filled with men in black suits. If Lu Yuxi’s guess was correct, this should be the extra manpower that Wang Maihe had sent.

The brawny man seemed to have sensed something and glanced at Lu Yuxi.

Seeing that the brawny man’s gaze was on her, Lu Yuxi was shocked. She hugged Xiao Feng and retreated to a more hidden place.

Behind Lu Yuxi was a clothing store, so it should be easier to hide.

“Miss, welcome. May I know what clothes you need to buy? ” The salesperson welcomed her with a smile.

Right now, Lu Yuxi could not even escape in time, let alone buy clothes. With soldiers chasing after her, she could not care so much.

“I’m not buying anything. I just wanted to hide for a while. ” Fortunately, it was not in her past life when she did not understand English. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her not to be caught.

The salesperson raised her eyebrows. Her attitude just now had completely changed. “Hide for a while? I’m sorry, Madam. This is a clothing store. It’s not suitable to hide from people. ”

Lu Yuxi took a glance. The strong man had already slowly walked towards her.

Right now, Lu Yuxi had to take advantage of this moment to hide. She absolutely could not be caught by them. However, the situation in front of her was a little troublesome.

The salesperson in front of her was not stupid. She knew that there were some things that were suitable for her to interfere with, so she simply refused.

However, Lu Yuxi was not stupid. She naturally had her ways.

“This, this, and these clothes, wrap them all up for me. ” As she spoke, Lu Yuxi took out her credit card from her bag behind her.

“If that’s the case, I wonder if I can borrow this place to hide for a while. ” To deal with such people, money was always the best weapon.

The salesperson smiled and took the card from Lu Yuxi’s hand. “Of course, please follow me. ”

Sure enough, with the help of money, Lu Yuxi could hide very smoothly.

The shop was not big to begin with, so there should be no other place to hide besides the locker room.

“This way, you can hide here. ” The salesperson pointed to the locker room and said.

Lu Yuxi frowned. “No, I’ll just hide here. ”

Lu Yuxi carried the baby and hid in a more hidden place.

The salesperson naturally did not care where she hid. “It’s up to you. ”

“wait a minute. ” Lu Yuxi called out to the salesperson.

“Is there anything else? ” The salesperson stopped in her tracks.

“If, later, someone asks if you saw me, please… ”

“I understand. I accept money from others and work for them. ”

With the Salesperson’s words, Lu Yuxi was relieved. However, could she really trust this woman.

“Xiao Feng, be good. It’s a little dark here. Don’t be afraid. Just obediently lie on Mommy’s body and don’t make a sound, okay? ” Lu Yuxi said gently to Xiao Feng.

She didn’t know if Xiao Feng understood what she said, but the hand that was holding Lu Yuxi’s neck was really tight.

At this moment, a voice came from outside.

“Just now, did you see a woman who came in with a child? ”

Because she was very close to those people, Lu Yuxi could almost hear their voices. Lu Yuxi didn’t dare to breathe loudly, afraid that she would be discovered.

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