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Chapter 1212

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“I see women every day, but I haven’t seen many of them today. Which one are you talking about? ” The salesman still had that annoying look on his face.

The brawny man approached him step by step in anger. His clenched fists made people feel terrified. “What did you say? ”

“How is it? Do you still want to hit me? You’re not a fool, right? It’s illegal to hit people here. Are you sure you want to hit me? ” The salesman’s arrogant aura was obviously much stronger.

“Also, there are so many cameras here. Are you sure? Do you dare to do it? ”

Everyone in this country knew that the crime of hitting people was not light. Moreover, the cameras were evidence. He definitely did not dare to do it.

“What’s going on? ” Wang Maihe also heard the sound and came in at this time.

The brawny man saw Wang Maihe and nodded respectfully, “Miss. ”

Wang maihe narrowed her eyes dangerously, “why aren’t you looking for someone? What are you doing here? ”

Inside, Lu Yuxi heard Wang Maihe’s voice and listened carefully to the sounds outside.

“Ma, Ma, ” Xiao Feng hugged Lu yuxi and whispered.

Lu Yuxi was shocked and immediately checked the situation outside, afraid that the people outside would hear, “be good, Xiao Feng doesn’t speak, be quiet. ”

While Lu Yuxi comforted Xiao Feng, she also did not forget to check the situation outside.

The Brawny man was shocked by Wang Maihe, “Miss, I’m looking, but, I just found a more similar figure, it disappeared after walking to this area. ”

“There’s no one, you’re not here to find trouble, right? I’m telling you, hurry up and leave, or I’ll call security. ” The salesperson had a disdainful attitude.

Wang Maihe looked as if she had been kicked because of the salesperson’s words. “What did you say just now? ”

“What did I say? Don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because you brought a few bodyguards with you. Let me tell you, there are cameras here. ”

Seeing Wang Maihe approaching step by step, the salesperson’s voice actually started to tremble a little, but she didn’t say anything because of the issue of face.

Wang Maihe looked at the brawny man with one eye and then at the camera with the other.

The brawny man immediately understood what Wang Maihe was getting at. He picked up a chair at the side and stood up. His entire body directly blocked the camera.

The salesperson was stunned. She did not expect this to happen. What were they trying to do They actually covered the camera.

“What are you doing? ” The salesperson became vigilant.

“What are you doing! ” Wang Maihe repeated her words with a cold smile.

Then, Wang Maihe directly walked forward

“Slap. ” The slap was very loud.

“If you have the guts, say it again. Do you think I’m afraid of you because of the camera again? Behave yourself. Otherwise, I might very well kill you when you get off work. ”

The salesperson was a person who bullied the weak and feared the strong. After being beaten up by Wang Maihe and what she said, she suddenly didn’t dare to speak.

“You’d better answer my question honestly. Otherwise, I’ll let you know the consequences, ” Wang Maihe threatened.

The salesperson covered her face in grievance. “What question? You ask. As long as I know, I’ll definitely tell you. ”

“Oh, really? Then let me ask you. Just now, before we came in, did a woman with a child come in here? ”

The salesman looked at Wang Maihe. Although money was very important, in front of life now, money was no longer important.

“Why? Is My question so difficult to answer? ”

“No, I saw her. It was a woman carrying a child. ”

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