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Chapter 1213

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Hearing her words, Wang Maihe immediately became excited.

“What did you say? You saw her? Where is she? ”

The salesperson pointed at the changing room behind her with trembling hands. “It’s, it’s there. Just, just now, she said that she wanted me to hide her. She said that if anyone were to look for them, they must not say that they are here. ”

Wang Maihe laughed strangely. “very good, very good. Where are the women and children? Bring me to them immediately. ”

The salesperson nodded. “Okay. ”

Lu Yuxi, Oh Lu Yuxi, what’s the use of being smart? In the end, you will still fall into the hands of me, Wang Maihe.

Following the salesperson, Wang Maihe and the others went to the changing room. “This is the place. They were hiding here just now. ”

Wang Maihe sneered. “okay, I got it. ”

“Lu Yuxi, I know you are in there now. Do you want me to go in and get you out, or do you want me to give you some face and let you come out by yourself? ” Wang Maihe said to the tightly shut door.

“…”there was no sound inside.

“Lu Yuxi, I know you’re inside. Come Out, don’t hide. Tell me, what if we break in and scare your son? So, I advise you to come out by yourself. ”

“…”there was silence, but there was still no sound inside …

There was no sound, which made Wang Maihe’s temper go to the extreme. “Lu Yuxi, you don’t want any face, do you? Well, since you don’t want any face, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Men, kick the door open. ”

“Yes, ” the brawny man replied.

Wang Maihe opened a path for the brawny man

Only heard. “Bang, Bang. ” The door to the changing room was already kicked open.

“Miss. ” The Brawny man looked at Wang Maihe with an unpleasant expression.

When Wang Maihe saw the brawny man kick the door open, her heart was filled with joy. How could she not say anything.

Just as Wang Maihe was about to show off to the people in the changing room, she realized that there was no one in the changing room. There was only a broken wooden door.

After putting in so much effort, she did not see Lu Yuxi at all. Wang Maihe’s mood was extremely bad.

She angrily pulled the salesperson over. “What’s going on? Where is she? Where is the person you’re talking about? ”

The salesperson only saw the situation inside now. She was stunned. “How is that possible? I clearly saw her enter this place. How can she be gone? ”

Wang Maihe angrily pointed at the small wooden door. “You still want to ask you what’s going on? Didn’t you say that she was inside? Now, why isn’t there anyone? Are you kidding me? ”

Wang Maihe’s anger made the burly men pull the salesperson up.

The salesperson was shocked by this action. “I didn’t lie to you. I really didn’t lie to you. The child who was holding the woman just now really came in. It’s impossible that there’s no one. ”

“So, I’m asking you. You said that they came in here. Then, where are they? I’m asking you, where are they? ” Wang Maihe roared angrily.

The salesperson squatted down in fear and covered her head, afraid that Wang Maihe would hit herself out of anger. “I know, I know. She must have escaped through this small wooden door. She must have. ”

To be honest, she clearly remembered that the small wooden door was locked. How did this woman get out? Moreover, she was so secretive that no one knew.

“Say, where does this door lead to? ”

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