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Chapter 1218

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“You mean that your sister is not outstanding enough? Being together with doctor Mu is harming him, ” Lu Yuxi said meaningfully.

Hei Bu raised his eyebrows. “How can my Hei Bu’s sister not be outstanding? However, do you really think that Qing Qing can handle that Doctor Mu? ”

Based on Hei BU’s understanding of Doctor Mu yesterday, this man was indeed smart and bold. Most importantly, his usually barbaric sister was like a different person in front of her.

From these points, he was indeed qualified to be a member of the HEI family.

“Don’t underestimate Qing Qing. Although she is usually carefree, she is unusually positive towards Doctor Mu. I still think she has a chance. Moreover, even though Doctor Mu looks serious and doesn’t like to talk, you might like a girl like Qing Qing to complement each other. ”

Hei Bu smiled and turned Lu Yuxi around. He looked like he wanted to laugh. “You are so good at analyzing. Did you analyze me like this when I was chasing after you? ”

“No, I didn’t. When you were chasing after me, I didn’t think too much. I was just wondering if this man could really be with me. After all, our statuses are very different. ” Lu Yuxi smiled and hugged him warmly.

Yes, at that time, he did think about whether she could continue to love him after a lifetime of hurt.

Moreover, this man was not an ordinary man. Would he really be happy if he was with him?

“Then why did you think it through and marry me? ” Hei Bu’s lips curled up. Looking at the little woman’s cute appearance, it really made him want to hug her for a long time.

“I don’t know either. Maybe I feel that fate has arrived, and I can’t stop it even if I wanted to. ”

Actually, perhaps it was more because he really loved this man in front of him.

At this moment, Lu Yuxi broke free from HEI BU’s embrace. “Oh right, Hei Bu, where’s Wang Maihe? Didn’t she hand her over to Ling Hu at that time? How is she now? ”

“Dead, already dead. ” Hei Bu said very calmly.

“Dead? ”

It had been two lifetimes. Although they had not fought for two lifetimes, they had still known each other for two lifetimes.

Lu Yuxi did not like such a woman. She was even angry and hateful towards her because of Xiao Feng’s matter.

“En, it was her drug addiction that acted up. In the end, she jumped off a building because of an illusion. Why? Seeing you so surprised, could it be that you can’t bear to let her die? ”

Lu Yuxi shook her head. “How is that possible? I don’t care whether she dies or not. Since she committed suicide this time, this might be fate. ”

Wang Maihe, you died just like that. You can be considered to have returned my previous life. In the next life, please don’t hurt me again. Otherwise, I, Lu Yuxi, will still be rude to you.

“Ah, Hei Bu, what are you doing? ” Lu Yuxi was still thinking about the problem. Hei Bu picked up Lu Yuxi and Lu Yuxi hugged hei BU’s neck in a panic.

“I think Qingqing is right. We haven’t been together for so long. Are You thinking of compensating me? ” Hei Bu smirked.

Lu Yuxi blushed. “What are you doing? You really want to learn from Hei Qingqing. Don’t forget, I’m pregnant now. I can’t do that. ”

Hei Bu’s smile became even weirder. “Don’t worry, your husband will be very gentle. ”

As he spoke, he carried Lu Yuxi to the bedside.

This night was destined to be a sleepless night.

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