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Chapter 1219

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“PA. ” Chairman Awen angrily threw the document in front of everyone.

Everyone looked at each other, not daring to make a sound.

“What’s going on? What’s going on? Why have several branches of our Glory World Been Acquired? Find Out who the other company is immediately. ”

Although glory world was rich and powerful, the current situation was not right. The person who acquired their company seemed to be trying to force glory world into a corner.

“Say something. Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Are You all mute? ” Chairman Awen was extremely angry.

“Chairman, we don’t know why this happened. Over the past few years, although our company has made countless enemies, there are definitely not many people who can really buy our glory world, ” the general manager, who was AELA’s elder sister, Afoili, said seriously.

This was not because she was not afraid to speak because she was her father. It was because Afolili indeed had this kind of analytical ability.

“since you said that no one else can buy us, then what is going on now? What is going on with these companies that have been acquired? Can someone explain to me? ”

“Chairman, we can’t explain this, but according to my understanding, the other party will definitely not give up so easily. ”

His father was usually a very gentle person, but when it came to work, he seemed to have changed his appearance, completely making people feel that he had a serious face.

Regarding this point, Aela, who was only a small department manager, did not have the courage to speak like her sister.

Afolili really did not understand what was going on Who had the ability to swallow up such a big glory world.

“knock knock… ” at this time, the conference room door was knocked.

Chairman Awen’s face was gloomy. “come in. ”

At this time, the secretary walked in with a document in her arms.

“It has been investigated clearly. It is the black group and the Wen group that are operating at the same time. The goal seems to be to swallow up our entire company. ”

Chairman Awen frowned. “Hei Group? Wen Group? It’s that Hei Group? Which Wen group is so bold to actually dare to purchase our glory world? ”

“Chairman, the Wen group is one of the largest companies in the country and abroad. Because they’ve been aggressively acquiring other groups for the past two years, they’ve become so powerful in just two years. Their leader is the right-hand man of the Hei Di Gang, and the HEI group… ”

Speaking up to this point, the secretary paused for a moment and continued, “the Hei group has been at the top of the business rankings for five consecutive years. His leader is Hei di. ”

When Wen Fanjun was mentioned, the people present were already somewhat surprised, even shocked. One had to know how powerful the Hei Group was. Wei Ning, who was not one of them, had long heard of it.

However, what they did not expect the most was why the name Hei di, Hei di, would appear here.

One had to know that although the HEI group was very powerful, they would definitely not bully the weak. Their credibility was that they would not get involved if they did not provoke them.

However, when did glory world offend the Hei Group? Didn’t they avoid the HEI group How could it be like this now.

Upon hearing Hei di, AELA’s eyes widened as if she suddenly remembered something.

The Hei Group… could it be… could it be because of her Could it be because she helped Wang Maihe that dirty water was poured on her? What was going on.

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