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Chapter 1221

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“Doctor, help! Over here! My son can’t take it anymore, Doctor! ”

“Doctor, come here quickly! My mother can’t take it anymore! ”

“Doctor… ” the entire ward was filled with the patients’ painful moans and the cries of their family members.

Of course, this was not just a single hospital.

In Country F, it seemed that all hospitals were in this situation.

Doctors and nurses had never stopped since the outbreak of the virus.

Of course, many of the higher-ups of the hospital were helpless against this type of virus.

Therefore, on this day, all the higher-ups of the hospital gathered together for a meeting.

In the meeting room.

“with the current situation, the virus is worsening step by step. There are already quite a few patients who have died because of the virus. If we don’t find a solution, I’m afraid that those infected with the virus will face death. ”

“indeed, many patients have a lot of complications, and many patients also have vomiting in the later stages. ”

The hospital director frowned. “Haven’t all the patients been injected with antibiotics? Why are there still deaths? ”

An older doctor frowned. “Director, although all of them have been injected with antibiotics, antibiotics don’t seem to be of any use to many people. If we can’t think of a good solution, I’m afraid the situation will become even more serious. ”

Doctor Mu frowned. Indeed, he could see the situation here. If the situation continued to worsen, it was very likely that more people’s lives would be endangered.

“If we really want to solve the outbreak of the virus, we should find the source of the disease, ” doctor Mu suddenly said from the side.

Everyone turned their eyes to Doctor Mu.

Doctor Mu was an international doctor and a well-known genius in the medical field. Right now, no one had any ideas, so they could only turn their eyes to him.

“Doctor Mu, don’t tell me you already know what the source of the disease is? ” The hospital director asked in surprise.

Doctor Mu shook his head. “No, this virus came in a strange way. It’s really difficult for people to know what the source of the disease is. ”

How could a menacing virus easily let people know what the source of the virus was.

“Sigh, yes, this virus came in a flash. Who knows what the source of the virus is? If we can’t find the source of the virus, no matter how many antibiotics we have, it’s useless. Our lives are still leaving us day by day. ” The director’s words once again made everyone fall silent.

To be honest, they didn’t know how many families and people would die because of this virus. They had no choice but to do their best to save them.

“The antibiotics are no longer effective. Let’s change to another treatment method. The antibiotics can control the situation for a while, but they can not control the illness. ” The director was worried about this matter.

“Director, we have already held a meeting for more than five hours. Why don’t we rest for a while and hold the meeting later? ” The director of another hospital suggested.

The director looked at everyone’s expressions. From their eyes, they seemed to be tired.

“Alright then. Let’s take a break first. We’ll continue after the meeting. There are a few documents here. They are the cases of the failure of the antibiotics. Let’s take a look at them first. We might ask questions about this later. ” The director’s secretary had already handed over all the documents to everyone’s phones.

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