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Chapter 1225

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At that moment, it was as if time had stopped.

At that moment, Hei Bu’s face immediately turned livid. The hand that was placed on Lu Yuxi’s waist had unknowingly been withdrawn, and he was bent over in pain.

Hei Bu’s face turned from Livid to purple. His back was facing Lu Yuxi, and he looked extremely pained. “little fairy, are you going to murder your husband? ”

Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows. “You’re a grown man. Didn’t you just bump into him there? Is it that painful? ”

Seeing Hei Bu’s expression getting worse, Lu Yuxi seemed to feel that she had caused trouble. She immediately sat up and comforted him. “Are you okay? I didn’t do it on purpose. I just bumped into him lightly. I didn’t expect that I would be so sorry. ”

At this moment, Lu Yuxi was really a little scared.

“Do you want to have no children? You’re so ruthless. ”

“Aiya, I already said that I didn’t do it on purpose. Let me take a look and see if he’s okay. ” Lu Yuxi looked extremely aggrieved.

She wasn’t a man, so how would she know how much pain it was? However, looking at him like this, it seemed like he was really in pain.

Hei Bu suddenly turned around and carried her back to the bed. He smiled and said, “alright, I’ll let you see if there’s any ‘danger’ . ”

Lu Yuxi suddenly felt like she was being played.

“Hei Bu, you bastard, you’re playing me, I… UHH… ” a thousand words might have turned into a kiss.

His kiss was very gentle and light, causing Lu Yuxi to fall in love with him.

She did not know how long the kiss lasted, but Lu Yuxi only felt that her face could not be any redder.

Lu Yuxi pushed Hei Bu away. “Didn’t you say that it hurt? Why did you kiss me? ”

Hei Bu was afraid that she would be cold, so he covered her with the blanket. “I want to see how worried you are for me. ”

Lu Yuxi was a little unhappy. “You want to see how worried I am? Why are you scaring me like this? ”

He had really scared her just now. If he was kicked badly, then she would be guilty.

“It did hurt a lot just now, but this kiss, I’ll take it that you can’t accompany me anymore. ” At that moment, it did hurt a lot, but because she was afraid that she would worry, she did not show it.

Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes. Hei Bu, just you wait. I’ll make you feel better in the future. I’ll let you try to make you anxious.

On the other side.

Hei Qingqing hung up the phone and stayed in the doctor’s lounge for a while. She realized that she had promised Lu Yuxi what to do, but she didn’t know how to do it at all.

Although she promised it easily, it wouldn’t be easy if she really got up.

Just now, Lu Yuxi knew that her sister-in-law had clearly told her that she could tell doctor Mu if she wanted to, but she absolutely couldn’t let him know that she was giving him a hint.

Although she did not know why her sister-in-law did this, she definitely had her own intentions.

However, Hei Qingqing really did not know how to open her mouth now. How was she going to open her mouth? This was really a difficult problem.

“Doctor, is there a doctor here? Doctor. ” Hei Qingqing, who was still thinking about the problem in the doctor’s lounge, suddenly heard someone shouting outside.

Although she was not wearing a white coat now, as the doctor’s first reaction, Hei Qingqing still quickly ran to the person who was shouting.

“What’s wrong? I’m a doctor. What happened? ” Hei Qingqing frowned when she saw the panicked expression of the woman in her forties.

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