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Chapter 1229

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“I see. ” It seemed that this could only be revealed unintentionally during the surgery.

“Doctor Mu, the family members are here, ” the nurse informed him.

Doctor Mu nodded and looked at the family members who rushed over. “I understand. ”

Six or seven family members, both male and female, rushed over anxiously.

“Doctor, how is it? How is my sister and brother-in-law? ”

“Doctor, how is my son and daughter-in-law? Doctor? ”

The moment the family member arrived, they immediately became noisy.

Doctor Mu explained with a good temper, “when your brother-in-law was sent here, he was already unconscious. We have already sent him to the operating theater for emergency treatment. As for your sister, she is now waiting for your signature. ”

“What do you mean? How is my sister? Doctor, don’t scare me. ” A man walked up excitedly.

In the face of the excitement of the family member, Hei Qingqing frowned. It must be known that the family member was the most easily agitated at this time. She was really a little worried.

However, Doctor Mu did not seem to be afraid at all.

“The pregnant woman’s amniotic fluid has already broken. She needs to have a Cesarean section immediately. Moreover, her upper chest is seriously injured. She needs to undergo surgery immediately, ” Doctor Mu explained very clearly.

When the other woman heard this, her entire person was in a bad mood. Her tears kept falling. “Then, doctor, do you mean that my sister will be difficult to save? ”

“Why are you crying? This person isn’t even dead yet. Are you planning to cry her to death? ” At the crucial moment, a man was only more reliable than a woman.

“enough, Doctor. I’m not going to talk nonsense with you. Just say it. How much confidence do you have? ”

Doctor Mu frowned. “THREE LEVELS? ”

“What? Three levels? Can you do it or not? How much do you know about such a young doctor? Call your person-in-charge here. ” Another woman, who was dressed more elegantly, obviously disagreed with doctor Mu’s words.

“That’s right. I don’t even know if such a young doctor knows how to perform surgery. Right now, there are two lives. If something were to happen to him like this, would you be able to bear the responsibility? ” The family members immediately became rowdy because of one point.

“Get me your best doctor. We don’t lack money. Hurry up. ” These family members were obviously worried about doctor Mu because of his young age and doctor Mu’s eastern face.

Ever since Mu Chen became a doctor, he had never begged anyone to let him perform surgery. So, this time, he naturally wouldn’t buy it.

“I’m the only one here. If you don’t believe me, you can find another doctor. ”

“What kind of attitude is this? You know how to say such things at such a young age, right? Don’t think that you’re a doctor just because you’re wearing a white coat. Let me tell you, it’s still a long way off. ” The family member’s attitude was equally aggressive.

Hei Qing’s face was cold. “Doctor Mu is definitely an excellent doctor. If you guys continue to waste your time like this, I’m afraid you won’t even have a chance to reach the third floor. ”

“Aiya, what do you know, little girl? Quickly call your person-in-charge over. ” The family member’s unreasonable attitude called out all the family members who were originally in the ward to watch the show.

“What happened? ” A voice sounded.

Everyone turned their gazes to the person who spoke.

The nurses bowed respectfully. “Hospital director. ”

Doctor Mu: “Director. ”

The moment he called the director, the family members sized up the director.

“Director? Are you the director? You must save my sister and my nephew. ” The family members’ attitudes changed drastically.

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