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Chapter 1230

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“That’s right, director. Can you personally perform the surgery on our sister? This doctor is so young. We’re afraid that something will go wrong. ”

The director laughed. “Haha, don’t look down on this young doctor. If we compare him, he’s even better than me. ”

The hospital director’s words made the family members look at each other. “Hospital director, what do you mean by this? ”

“although you haven’t come into contact with medicine, you should know about the youngest and proudest medical genius in history, Mu Chen, right? ”

Although he was the hospital director, in comparison, it was possible that he hadn’t learned as much as him in most of his life. He was really ashamed.

“medical genius? ”

“Yes, the surgery he performed has never failed so far, so you can rest assured. As for this female doctor, she’s also a rare genius in the medical world. You can rest assured and sign this surgery. ”

“Moreover, this is an international doctor that was specially invited by the local people for this virus. His knowledge will definitely be able to complete this surgery perfectly. ”

With the director’s words, the attitude of the family members seemed to calm down immediately.

“I found it, I found it. ” Without knowing when, a family member took out a computer to search.

“The youngest genius in the medical world, Mu Chen, has won the World Health Organization’s highest achievement award and the youngest Doctor Award many times… the surgeries he has performed so far have never failed. ”

This information was enough for them to settle down.

Hei Qingqing raised her eyebrows. She had always thought that she was very smart, but ever since she got to know this person, Hei Qingqing had finally met an opponent. He was probably the only one who could make her his assistant.

“Can you sign now? ” There was not much time left, so doctor Mu did not want to talk nonsense.

“Sign, we’ll sign immediately. ” The man grabbed the pen and signed without hesitation.

“Doctor Mu, I’ve offended you with what I said just now. I hope you don’t mind. My sister, you must do your best. ”

They did not have time to listen to their family members’nonsense. As soon as they received the autograph, they immediately walked into the operating theater and began to prepare for their surgery.

On the operating table.

Hei Qingqing raised her sterile hand and turned to look at Doctor Mu, waiting for his order.

“anesthetist, are you ready? ” Doctor Mu asked.

“The anesthesia is complete. We can begin at any time. ”

Doctor Mu gave Hei Qingqing a look. “Begin. ”

Hei Qingqing nodded. “Okay. ”

Once the surgery started, Hei Qingqing and doctor Mu brought their respective assistants and began to divide the work.

This surgery was destined to leave a deep impression on her. To be honest, she was a little afraid that she would not be able to do it well. However, when she saw that Doctor Mu was full of confidence, Hei Qingqing had no reason to escape.

“knife. ”

“Gauze. ”

Although the surgery was performed simultaneously in the same operating theater, everything was so orderly.

Until the child was born… …

With one move, Hei Qingqing finally separated the mother and baby.

“Wow, wow. ” The child’s voice was very loud. This proved that he was very healthy. Hei Qingqing was still quite excited.

However, after the child came out, the things that Hei Qingqing had expected still happened.

“Damn it. ” As expected, there was still a large amount of bleeding. It was already very dangerous to perform two operations at the same time. Now that there was another large amount of bleeding, it was a complete headache.

Doctor Mu also realized that something was wrong. “What’s going on? ”

“The child came out, but the mother was bleeding heavily. ”

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