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Chapter 1234

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“boss, Xiao Dao said that he found that Stinky Brat’s shadow nearby. ” At this time, he walked in like he was reporting something.

Boss scarface was furious. “where is he now? ”

“He ran away. This stinky Brat was beaten for so long, but he still ran so fast. He’s really amazing. ”

Boss scarface’s face turned cold. He grabbed the cup on the table and forcefully threw it on the table.

“PA. ” This sound made the other underlings immediately turn their gazes over.

“In other words, you guys still threw him away for me, right? ”

“boss, I, I don’t know how he could run so fast with such a serious injury. I, I have already asked them to look for him. They should, should be able to find him very soon. ” The person who reported was obviously frightened.

“very good, I will give you guys time for breakfast. If you still can’t find him, then don’t blame me for being ruthless. ” Boss Scar’s tone was obviously heavy when he said ruthless words.

“Yes, yes, we’ll go look for him right away. He’s nearby, he shouldn’t be far. We’ll go look for him right away, right away. ” After saying that, he didn’t dare to turn his head back and stumbled out.

Lu Yuxi didn’t want to hear all this nonsense, but it was really too loud. It was hard not to hear it.

“Who is so unlucky? It seems that a great disaster is coming. ” Lu Yuxi had seen this kind of thing many times, so she was less surprised.

“I say, Hei Bu, you heard it too, right? You didn’t just take over the gang in the past, when you were young, you would also do this kind of thing, right? ”

Hei Bu raised his eyebrows and looked at her seriously, “do you think that’s possible? ”

“What’s impossible? For example, if someone catches up with a woman they like, they will kill her whole family or something. ” Lu Yuxi had to admit that she had watched too much television.

Hei Bu sneered, “I have never lacked women. ”

Lu Yuxi chuckled and did not speak again.

Indeed, when had hei bu ever lacked women? Even now that they were married, those women still did not let him go. However, Lu Yuxi did not need to do anything because apart from her, no other woman could get close to Hei Bu.

“Shush, Shush, mummy, Shush. ” Xiao Feng sat on a small chair, swaying his short legs. His cute eyes looked at Lu Yuxi.

His tender voice made Lu Yuxi instantly cuter. She did not think that her son was so cute. No wonder everyone did not want to eat every time they went to grandma’s house. They just wanted to hug these little ones.

“Shush, Shush? Ah, I forgot to put a diaper on him. ” Lu Yuxi suddenly realized.

However, it was also strange. Recently, the little ones seemed to know that they were playing with urine. Even if they passed diaper, they did not know how to pee. They also used the loudest sound. Perhaps it was because of the discomfort of the diaper.

“Wait a moment, mommy will take you to the washroom now. Wait a moment. ” As she spoke, Lu Yuxi hurriedly walked over.

“Can you do it? Or should I go? ” Hei Bu asked.

“It’s better if I go. Look at how fierce these people are. I don’t dare to stay here. I’m just going to the WASHROOM. It’s fine, I’ll be back soon. I’m worried about the CAR. ”

Ever since he became pregnant, Hei Bu was always worried about his safety.

“Alright then, I’ll wait for you here. ”

“En. ”

He hugged Xiao Feng and said, “bear with me for a while. Mommy will bring you to the washroom right now. Bear with me for a while. ”

“Hello, where’s the WASHROOM? ”

The waiter pointed in the direction behind him and said, “it’s just around the corner at the back. ”

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