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Chapter 1235

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Outside the toilet, Lu Yuxi hesitated again. Should she go to the men’s toilet or the women’s toilet?

It was not good to go to the women’s side either. After all, Xiao Feng was a man, but it was not good to go to the men’s toilet. It was also not good to go to the men’s toilet if there was someone in the toilet.

“Ma, Ma, shh, shh… ” Xiao Feng frowned and covered her stomach. She was very cute …

“okay, okay. Mommy will take you to the toilet now. Wait a moment. It will be very soon, okay? ”

“Is anyone there? Is there anyone inside? My Child needs to pee. If there’s no one, I will go in. ” Lu Yuxi was afraid that others would not understand, so she deliberately repeated it in English.

“…”there was no one in the toilet, and no one responded at all.

Since it was like this, Lu Yuxi did not hesitate to enter the men’s toilet.

“Xiao Feng, stand here. Mommy will take off your pants first. ” Lu Yuxi placed Xiao Feng on the table at the side, planning to take off his pants.

The pants were little winnie the pooh pants, and they were bought for them by Nuo Rouye. At first, they refused, but after Nuo rouye’s ‘ravaging’ , they had no choice but to wear these ‘cute’ pants.

“Mommy will help Xiao Feng take off her pants. Later, Xiao Feng will pee on her own, okay? ” For Xiao Budian’s education, the Hei Bu Department used a serious method, while Lu Yuxi used a gentle method.

“Xiao Feng, Come Stand here and pee on your own. ” Because the height was not high enough, they could only do it with Lu Yuxi’s help.

“Okay, Mommy, put on your pants. Don’t move, or else you won’t be able to wear them properly later. ” Lu Yuxi finally understood why those mothers sometimes used that strange tone. Now, it seemed like they were forced to do it.

“Xiao Feng, what… What happened to your hand? Where is it injured? Why is there blood? ” The sudden appearance of blood on Xiao Feng’s right hand made Lu Yuxi excited.

The hand that grabbed Xiao Feng immediately looked up, “does it hurt here? It’s just going to the toilet, why is there blood? Does it hurt? Does it hurt here? ”

“hehe. ” Xiao Feng, who did not understand what was going on, saw Lu Yuxi like this and laughed foolishly.

After checking Xiao Feng’s entire body and confirming that she was not injured, Lu Yuxi let out a sigh of relief, “still laughing? Luckily it’s not your blood. I was scared to death. Reach out your hand and wash it first. ”

Although Lu Yuxi didn’t show any reaction on the surface, when she was helping Xiao Feng wash her hands, Lu Yuxi intentionally looked inside.

Sure enough, there were drops of blood on the bathroom floor. Although it wasn’t obvious, if an expert looked, they would be able to tell that it was blood.

The reason why Xiao Feng touched the blood just now was probably because she had grabbed the spot where the blood was when she came in.

Fortunately, she noticed it now. If she went out like this and was discovered by that group of people, she would probably be afraid of them.

She then looked a little further in and sure enough, there was a toilet with a closed door. If she did not guess wrongly, the ‘nearby’ person who was being chased was this person.

However, he was indeed smart. He actually knew that the most dangerous place was the safest place. It seemed that he had followed boss scarface here.

Lu Yuxi meowed and chose to ignore him. “Let’s go, Xiao Feng. Let’s go out and look for Dad. ”

He could not control this man’s fate, and she did not want to. Since he was so smart to hide here, if there were no accidents, he should be able to escape.

Holding Xiao Feng, Lu Yuxi wiped the blood on the door and left.

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