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Chapter 1236

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Carrying Xiao Feng and being pregnant, Lu Yuxi walked a little slowly.

Coming out of the toilet, she saw the group of people from afar. Lu Yuxi walked past them indifferently.

The Noisy Group of people made Lu Yuxi Frown. Coupled with the extremely strong smell of smoke, Lu Yuxi had the urge to escape.

“Wait. ” At this time, the boss of the scar-faced gang extended his hand to block Lu Yuxi’s path.

Hei Bu frowned and immediately walked to Lu Yuxi’s side. He hugged Lu Yuxi and Xiao Feng in his arms and said coldly, “what’s the matter? ”

Boss scarface glanced at Hei Bu. He wanted to say something, but after Xiao Bing whispered something in his ear, he immediately changed his mind.

“It’s in the toilet. You guys, you guys, and Hong Mao, you guys should go take a look too. ”

Lu Yuxi was stunned. She didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business, but she didn’t want to harm others.

“Alright, there’s nothing else for you guys. You guys can leave now. ” After receiving the news, scarface immediately let Lu Yuxi and Hei bu go.

With the Child by their side, and they didn’t do anything, Hei Bu Hugged Lu Yuxi and the baby and returned to their seats.

“Did you see someone in the toilet? ” Hei Bu lowered his voice and went straight to the point.

“Yes, yes, but Hei Bu, what’s wrong? Why did they suddenly stop me and then know that she was in the toilet? ” She came out calmly just now and didn’t do anything weird.

“Neck, there’s blood on your neck. ” As she spoke, she picked up the handkerchief and gently wiped the blood off Lu Yuxi’s neck.

“Ah, Xiao Feng had blood on his hands just now and then grabbed me. I forgot to look in the mirror. ” Lu Yuxi seemed to have realized something as she took the handkerchief from Hei Bu.

“then wouldn’t I be harming him like this? He was hiding well, and now I’m exposing him like this? ” She didn’t do it on purpose. She didn’t think of harming him.

Lu Yuxi looked worriedly in the direction she had just returned and watched the group of people walk towards the toilet.

“Hei Bu, tell me, if they really capture this man, will they kill him? ”

Hei Bu raised his eyebrows He calmly picked up his tea. “It’s hard to say. It’s the period of the virus infection. If they use this reason to kill him, it’s a very simple thing. Moreover, it’s normal for people like him who often talk about killing people to want to kill someone. ”

“Ah, then isn’t he dead? ” She didn’t do it on purpose. She just wanted to go to the toilet and didn’t think of being afraid.

“simply put, he’s dead for sure. ” Hei Bu’s tone was obviously adding fuel to the fire.

“Aiya, even now, you’re still joking with me. If this person really died because of my carelessness, doesn’t that make me feel very guilty? He was hiding well, but he was betrayed by me. Maybe he thought it was me who said it. ”

Hei Bu shrugged his shoulders. “It’s very possible. After all, you seem to be the only one who went to the toilet here. Other than you, I’m afraid he won’t think it’s anyone else. ”

“Slap. ” Lu Yuxi slapped him.

“It’s fine if you don’t comfort me, but you’re still making me feel guilty here. Are you trying to lose me? ” Lu Yuxi bit her lips and looked at him angrily.

“What do you want? Didn’t you say you don’t meddle in other people’s business? ” Hei Bu still couldn’t stand Lu Yuxi’s gentle attack.

“I don’t want to meddle either, but he was hiding well. If I expose him like this, I have to give him an explanation. ”

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