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Chapter 1238

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It was one thing for this group of unreasonable hooligans to come here every day to eat for free, but now they wanted to kill people. They had to wait. If he had the chance to move, he would definitely call the police.

The boss’s words made sense, so boss scarface stopped his attack on the man.

“Let’s go out and take care of him. ”

They thought that they would be able to get rid of this group of people easily, but who knew that a dramatic scene would happen.

“Eat, eat. ”

Lu Yuxi was shocked. Her eyes widened, and then she looked at the small hand that she had been holding on to her little finger. She did not know when it had disappeared.

Hei Bu was also shocked. He had only said one sentence, how could he have gone there so quickly.

Xiao Feng held a small steamed bun in each of her left and right hands. Because her hands were too small, many of the small steamed buns were exposed.

Her short legs squatted down and looked at the man curiously. Her right hand did not forget to stuff the small steamed bun into the man’s mouth.

“Eat, eat the steamed Bun. ”

The man was also stunned by the sudden appearance of the small steamed Bun. He did not know if he should open his mouth.

Boss scarface raised his eyebrows. “where did this damn kid come from? Men, help me throw him away. ”

“Yes. ”

“PA. ”

Before his subordinates could come up, hei Bu kicked him away and threw him onto the dining table at the side.

“Who are you calling a damn kid? ” He dared to bully HEI BU’s kid. He was simply courting death.

Lu Yuxi saw Hei bu coming forward and immediately ran up to protect Xiao Feng behind her.

Xiao Feng saw Lu Yuxi walking up and stood up naturally. He reached out his small arms to Lu Yuxi and handed her a Bun. “Mom, Bao Bao. ”

Lu Yuxi didn’t know whether she should cry or smile bitterly at this scene. How could Xiao Feng be so fast? When did he climb up the table to get the Xiao Long Bao? Children who didn’t know what happened always made people not know whether to laugh or cry.

Red Hair went forward and whispered into the boss’s ear, “boss, could this be the reinforcement sent by this Brat? ”

“reinforcement? Have you ever seen a family of three? ” The boss directly answered his words.

“So it’s your child, it’s your child. It’s good that you have it, why did you hurt my person? Hurting my person in front of me, isn’t that too bold? ” The boss stared at Hei Bu From his words, it could be seen that he was definitely warning Hei Bu.

“I don’t want to say it a third time. What you just said has already insulted my child. If you don’t want to die, apologize to my child. ” Hei Bu’s face was cold, he didn’t listen to the boss’s words at all.

When the boss heard Hei BU’s words, he was simply incredulous: “Ha, you, are you saying this to me? ”

“other than you, was there anyone else who scolded my child? ” Among the children of Hei family, other than Hei family, they could be beaten and scolded, but no one else could.

The red-haired man couldn’t take it anymore and rolled up his arms. “How dare you speak like that? Are you looking for death? My boss gave you a way out, so it’s fine if you don’t appreciate it, but you’re still scolding people like this. Men, arrest this person. ”

Hei Bu sneered. “Do you think you can beat me? ”

“Haha, this is the funniest sentence I’ve heard since I was born. Shouldn’t you be saying whether we can beat you or not? You should be saying whether we can beat you up or not. ” The red-haired man said smugly.

“Haha. ” The people around also laughed out loud.

“judging from the number of people, you’ve died countless times. ”

“Oh, really? ” Hei Bu laughed meaningfully.

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