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Chapter 1240

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“What big? What are you standing here for? Come on! ”

Red Hair said angrily, “are you looking for death? You dare to beat my boss? You are looking for death! Everyone, come on! ”

“Come on! What are you looking at? Are you happy to see your boss get kicked away? ” “One or two of you, come on! If you don’t kill him today, I will kill all of you! ” Boss Scar was obviously angry this time.

The man who was lying on the ground moved and grabbed boss scar’s leg with force. “You should leave quickly. Why are you pretending to be good people here? You can’t beat them. Leave quickly. ”

“Bang. ” The man was kicked again.

“Do you want to die? After I finish him, I will come back and finish you. ”

“Men, catch these people and kill them one by one. Don’t let the adults and children go, do you hear me? ”

“Yes. ” There were so many of them. They surrounded them and each of them drowned them with a mouthful of saliva.

“If you dare to go forward, your head will explode. Do you believe it? ” Ling Hu also rushed over at this time. His pistol was pointed straight at red hair’s head.

At the same time, someone used a gun to point at red hair’s head. The others immediately pulled out their guns from their waists and pointed them at Ling Hu.

“Who are you? You actually pointed a gun at my head. ” Red Hair was also considered a small boss. In front of boss Scar, he was considered a left and right hand. Therefore, when Ling Hu pointed the gun at red hair, he had no intention of being afraid.

They had the advantage of numbers. He was alone with a gun. Even if he died, he would not be able to escape.

“Hei di, you are also easy to touch. Aren’t you guys a little too bold? ” Ling Hu said with a smile that was not a smile.

“Hei di, who is Hei di? Here, our boss is the king. Let me tell you, don’t think that you are the only one with a gun. We… ”

“Bang” before red hair could finish speaking, ling Hu’s gun directly hit red hair’s leg.

“Ah. ” Red Hair immediately hugged his leg and groaned.

“Hei di doesn’t even know who it is. He simply deserves to die. ”

“Ling Hu, did you come alone? Where are the others? ” Lu Yuxi had just finished speaking when a large group of black-clothed people were approaching them.

Take Note, it was not a group, but a large group. From the number of people, there were at least 30 people.

“Hei di? Hehe, what a joke. I don’t know who hei Di is, but I only know that whoever touches my people, I will definitely bring them back. Do you think you are the only one who will call for help? ” BOSS SCAR did not seem to be afraid at all?

Lu Yuxi handed Xiao Feng to HEI BU and walked to the side to help the man up.

“Get up, it’s alright. ” Lu Yuxi was very gentle because she had just gotten into trouble.

“boss scarface is not someone to be trifled with. Can you guys really handle him? ” The man was still very worried about this.

“Hei di, have you heard of him? Do you think there are still things that Hei di can’t handle here? ”

The man was slowly helped up by Lu Yuxi, “Hei di? Could it be? Could it be… ”

The man looked at Hei Bu in surprise with an incredulous expression. He was Hei di?

No wonder there were so many people. From the beginning to the end, he had never been afraid. He even had a terrifying aura.

However, didn’t they say that Hei di was in his own country How could he be here It was really surprising.

“Oh, call him. Who are you going to call? ” Hei Bu hugged the baby with a relaxed expression.

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