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Chapter 1258

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begs you to leave quickly


Hei Qingqing really didn’t want to drag her into this. Her head was getting dizzy, and the blood on her forehead dripped onto the back of her hand. Hei Qingqing felt a chill.

“where are you? Hurry up and tell me. ” He was a man, how could he not miss her? Besides, weren’t they friends How could a friend abandon a friend.

“I don’t need you to care about me, just leave immediately. It’s too dangerous here, it’s dark. Hurry up and leave, I’m begging you. ” Although Hei Qingqing couldn’t see, he could feel that a lot of rocks had fallen from the ceiling Moreover, a lot of rocks had fallen from the door. If he did not leave now, he would really be in danger.

“Hei Qingqing, shut up. Did something happen to you? Tell me quickly, where are you? ” Doctor Mu was extremely anxious today.

“PA! ” The earthquake shook again, and a rock fell heavily in front of Hei Qingqing.

Hei Qingqing’s left leg contracted with force, and she quickly dodged the rock. However, because she used too much force, her wound was affected.

“Hiss. ” Due to the pain, Hei Qingqing sucked in a breath of cold air.

Although it was a very soft sound, doctor Mu still heard it.

“What’s wrong with you! Are you injured? ”

“Yes, I am injured. Run quickly. If you don’t run, you won’t be able to escape. ” She had only lived for twenty years and she did not want to die. However, what could she do? Perhaps, sometimes this was fate!

“What are you talking about? If you are injured, how could I abandon you? We are friends, aren’t we? Furthermore, do you think I would abandon you? ”

As he spoke, Doctor Mu did not forget to look for Hei Qingqing everywhere.

Through the moonlight, Doctor Mu finally found Hei Qingqing’s figure.

Seeing Hei Qingqing’s figure, Doctor Mu did not care too much. He rushed forward as if he was dodging and grabbed Hei Qingqing’s hand.

Hei Qingqing was stunned. She did not expect him to rush forward and wanted to shake off his hand. “There’s no money now. Why are you still here? Run quickly. If I tell him not to care, then don’t care about me. I’m already hit by a rock. It’s hard for me to escape. ”

It was not easy for him to grab her hand. How could doctor Mu let go so easily, “do you think I’ll leave you behind? ”

“Why bother? What if you can’t save me and even put my life in danger? What should I do then? ” Hei Qingqing tried to push him away.

“Don’t push me. Since you said you like me, you must know my character. I’ll take you out. I can’t run away. ”

As she said that, she immediately appeared around Hei Qingqing, “are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? ”

Hei Qingqing only felt that her head was in a daze, but she did not want him to worry. “I’m fine. It’s just that my clothes are pressed down. I can’t escape. ”

Doctor Mu immediately shifted his target to the back of Hei Qingqing.

Sure enough, behind Hei Qingqing, Doctor Mu discovered a large rock.

Doctor Mu tried hard to push the large rock away, but unfortunately, the Rock was too big. He did not have the strength to push it.

“There’s no way to push a useless accident. ” In fact, Hei Qingqing could be said to have given up.

“Let me go quickly. If the earthquake is really serious, neither of US will be able to escape. You’re an excellent doctor. We still need you here. You can’t die. ” The more she spoke, the weaker Hei Qingqing felt.

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