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Chapter 1275

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Mu Chen nodded. “Okay, tell me the time tomorrow. I’ll pick you up. ”

“Okay. ”

“Qingqing, I’m really sorry. I didn’t take good care of you. I’ll take good care of you when you come here another day. ”

“I’m fine. You guys go ahead. ”

After Mu Chen and the old madam left, Hei Qingqing called Lu Yuxi and told her the address for her to come over.

She thought that she would be bored until her sister-in-law came. However, sometimes, the heavens treated her very well and welcomed an unexpected guest.

“Miss Miaoling, why are you here? ” The Servant asked, immediately receiving the woman’s disgust.

“whether I come or not, is it up to a servant like you? ” The woman’s vicious face did not match her tall figure and beautiful appearance at all.

“Miss Miaoling, I, I didn’t mean that, I… ” The Servant suddenly panicked, not daring to make a sound.

The other servants were naturally not to be trifled with, so they all stood at the side, not daring to raise their heads.

“where’s Aunt Wen? Where’s Aunt Wen? ” Li miaoling looked at all the servants in front of her, frowning as she muttered a person’s name.

“Aunt Wen is in the kitchen. Miss Miaoling, do you want me to call her over for you? ” A servant came forward to curry favor with her.

The woman in front of her was the precious granddaughter of the Li Corporation, and also young master Mu Chen’s ex-girlfriend. From the degree to which she was always able to win the favor of the old madam, it was very likely that she would sit in the position of young Madam of the Mu Family.

Therefore, there were naturally some servants who were very clever and picked up their lackeys.

“That’s good too. Call Aunt Wen out. I’ll wait for her in the reception hall, ” Li Miaoling said coldly.

“Yes. ”

The Aunt Wen that Li miaoling was talking about wasn’t a big shot. Instead, she was a relatively older person among the servants. The servants all supported her words. In short, most of them were actually spies that Li miaoling arranged here.

Upon hearing the news, Aunt Wen immediately rushed to the reception hall. As expected, she saw Li Miaoling who was already drinking coffee there.

“Miss Miaoling, you came so quickly? ” Aunt Wen said with a smile. From her expression and actions, it could be seen that she was a ‘lackey’ .

“You said that young master Mu Chen brought back an injured woman. Is that true? ” Even though Li miaoling was really drinking coffee, her eyes were completely focused on the woman who was brought back.

“Yes, that’s right. At that time, young master suddenly brought back a woman who was covered in blood. We were also shocked. ”

Li miaoling put down the coffee and narrowed her eyes dangerously. “continue. ”

“At that time, after young master brought her back, he carried that woman to his room. It seemed that he had been staying inside to take care of her. According to the servant who carried the water, young master seemed to have been taking care of this woman very seriously and carefully, and… ”

“PA! ” When Aunt Wen said this, Li miaoling could not hold it in any longer. Her hands directly pounded on the table. From the sounds, one could see her anger.

Damn woman, she could actually let Mu Chen take care of her like this. Mu Chen was hers, and she absolutely wouldn’t allow other women to take over him.

“What does that woman look like? Is She beautiful? Does she know her family background? Also, the point is, does old madam know about this woman’s existence? ” The more she thought about it, the Angrier Li miaoling felt. She couldn’t tolerate such a thing happening.

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