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Chapter 1284

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“brother, what are you doing? Why don’t you let me continue? What the Hell is a gang? You’re a police officer, why are you afraid of it? ”

“Shut up. ” Li Long realized that if he didn’t leave now, he might never leave again.

“Let’s go, follow me home now, let’s go. ” Li Long cleverly wanted to pull his sister away.

Since he couldn’t pull her away, Li long simply carried her on his shoulder.

Seeing them leave, Hei Qingqing was a little displeased, “let them go just like that? They scolded me very badly just now, isn’t letting them go too easy? ”

“Don’t worry about that! When we go back, I’ll tell your brother that he’ll naturally find a way to come out. ”

With Lu Yuxi’s words, Hei Qingqing felt much more relaxed.

“Are your injuries alright? Are you going to attend the wedding tomorrow? ”

“Of course I’m fine. Do you really think your sister is a porcelain doll that will break at the touch? ” Hei Qingqing pouted cutely.

“Alright, alright. I know you’re amazing now. Hurry up and change your clothes. LET’S GO BACK! Mom is still waiting for you at home. ”

“got it. ”

While Hei Qingqing was changing her clothes, Lu Yuxi quickly gossiped, “dressed like this, did you do something? ” Lu Yuxi said meaningfully.

“What the Hell? I’m already injured like this, what else can I do? ” Hei Qingqing knew that her sister-in-law’s mind would always be filled with messy things.

“Oh right, when I received the two billion, how did that old woman react? ”

“speaking of which, I want to laugh, but you don’t know! When that old woman received the money, I still can’t forget the incredulous expression on her face. So, having money can be so satisfying. ”

Lu Yuxi shook her head helplessly. “Yes, having money is satisfying, but who knows what will happen if you don’t have money. ”

“Alright, stop talking. I’ve changed my clothes. Let’s go back. ”

Hei Qingqing naturally knew the road without money. Similarly, she also knew that sister-in-law would invest money into the public welfare plan every month. She was always curious as to why sister-in-law, who loved money so much, would be willing to donate money.

Later, she found out that sister-in-law actually thought so. ‘money is indeed very important. I also love money, but every time I see those people who work day and night for money, my heart aches. They really need money more than us. ‘.

The next day, Lu Yuxi and Xiao ran went to Lu ou Qi’s room early. …

Hei Qingqing had to wait for Mu Chen, so she only showed up later.

“Fortunately, I’m already married. Otherwise, I’ve already been a bridesmaid twice. I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for me to get married. ” Lu Yuxi was amused by her own words.

“That’s enough. Among all these people, you’re the one who got married the best. Why are you still complaining? ” Xiao ran shook her head helplessly.

“You’re still talking about me. You guys are still getting married well. You’re talking as if I’m the only one who got married well. ”

Ou Qi shook her head helplessly. “That’s enough. You’re already the mother of the child, yet you’re still so mischievous and mischievous. If this gets out, who knows who will be the one to lose face? ”

The makeup artists covered their mouths and snickered at Ou Qi’s words.

“Don’t say that. The Yi family is quite generous. Look, their momentum isn’t small. Just the makeup artists alone are already five. ”

“That’s right. When the fans found out that you got married today, I wonder if they’ve already cried at home. ” Lu Yuxi’s words became more and more exaggerated. …

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