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Chapter 1285

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“That’s enough, I invited you to be the bridesmaids, not the storytellers. The two of you have been talking all morning. ”

“We had no choice. Who asked us to accompany you so early in the morning? Also, you don’t know! When I said I wanted to be the bridesmaid and let Hei bu be the best man, he directly rolled his eyes at me. ”

“It’s normal to roll your eyes, okay? It’s even harder than ascending to the heavens to let your Hei bu be the best man. ”

The few of them went over in the morning amidst laughter.

“By the way, sister Wang, have you seen my parents? My parents haven’t seen them all morning. ” Although she was putting on makeup, Ou Qi still didn’t forget her parents.

Sister Wang shook her head. “I didn’t pay attention to them. They should still be in the room! ”

“Sigh, from that day on, I’ve been trying to persuade them. They’ve been worried about this and that. I had no choice. They haven’t come out yet. Maybe they’re hiding in the room and won’t come out. ”

Ou Qi really felt sorry for her parents. When she thought about what they had to say, she felt sorry for them.

“Child, can your mother participate in your wedding? ”

“Mom, what do you mean? Didn’t the two of you wait for me to get married? Now that we’re married, why don’t you participate? This is my wedding, how can you not participate? You’re both the parents who gave birth to me and raised me. ”

“Sigh, Ou Qi, I know you’re capable now! ” “Dad is proud, but dad and mom really don’t dare to participate. We’re afraid of embarrassing you. We’re from the countryside and don’t have much culture. In such a big scene, we’re simply embarrassing you. So, I’ve discussed with your mom, and we still won’t participate. This might be better for you! ”

“Dad, mom, what do you mean by this? What do you mean you’re afraid of embarrassing me? You said that my parents gave birth to me and raised me. I’ll always be proud of you and never despise you. What’s wrong with being from the countryside? ” “You’re from the countryside, and I’m also from the countryside. Didn’t I succeed? ”

“But child, your dad and I saw the scene. It’s really too grand. There are so many celebrities and aristocrats, and we’ll really embarrass you. It’s not easy for you to get to where you are today. Mom and dad really don’t want to hurt you. ”

“No, they won’t. Father, mother, you have to know that without you, the wedding wouldn’t be complete without you. ”

That day, after Ou Qi had finished speaking, his parents had indeed agreed to attend. Now, it seemed that they had retreated again.

Lu Yuxi could also see that Ou Qi was now worried about her parents, so she took the initiative and said, “Xiao Ran, you stay here with Ou Qi. As for uncle and aunt, tell me the room number and I’ll go and have a look. ”

“Xiao Xi, thank you so much. I really have to trouble you with my father’s side. ”

“We are sisters. This is what I should do. Don’t worry. ” Lu Yuxi went straight to the point.

When they reached father and mother Ou’s room, Lu Yuxi gently knocked on the door.

“Uncle, Aunty, it’s me, I’m Xiao Xi. ”

Perhaps it was because they heard Lu Yuxi’s voice, the couple immediately opened the door.

“Uncle, Aunty, is it convenient for me to come in and have a seat? ”

“Ah? Sure, sure. ” The couple trusted Lu Yuxi very much. If it wasn’t for her, they wouldn’t have allowed their daughter to remain an unknown and underfed girl until now. They thanked her, they really thanked her.

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