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Chapter 1298

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“Director, are you looking for me? ” At this moment, Doctor Qian happened to be successful in resuscitation. He came out to wash his hands and write the medical records.

“Doctor Qian, why are you here? Didn’t you… ” didn’t he say that there was a surgery Why was doctor Qian here?

“I was just here. After bed 5 was resuscitated, when he was out of danger, I came out to write the medical records. Why? Did you look for me as soon as he came out? ” Doctor Qian was also confused.

“If you are here, then who is the one who performed the surgery? ” He had performed the surgery with other doctors. Because he had to sign the papers, he came down earlier. The other doctors were also washing their hands in the operating theater. Then, who was the one who performed the surgery on bed 2?

“I don’t know either. Xiao Ma and the others went on a trip. It shouldn’t be them. It should be from another department, right? ” Doctor Qian was very calm.

“It’s a holiday now. Many doctors are only in the main class and vice class. Who has the time to help other departments? ”

“Director, it’s not a doctor from our department. It’s a foreign doctor recommended by the head nurse. ”

“Foreign Doctor? How long has he been in there? ” One had to know that a foreign doctor had to have the director’s signature to perform the surgery here.

“It’s been more than three hours, and the dean of Gang Gang Gang has gone in. He must have heard something. ”

Mu Chen nodded: “I know. ” It seems that he has to be busy again.

Now that the dean was inside, he was relieved. He had better deal with the matter at hand first.

“By the way, did you say that girl just now? ” Mu Chen then inquired nurse.

“Do not know, should be back, it has been more than three hours, should be back. ”

Mu Chen tried to call Hei Qingqing, but he could not pick up the phone. Forget it. He would look for her after he was done with his business.

In the operating theater.

“thread, scissors… ” after the last stitch was sewn up, the operation was finally over.

“The operation is over. It was very successful. Thank you for your hard work. Head nurse, I’ll leave the rest to you, okay? ”

“Yes, okay, I got it. ” Sure enough, her intuition was right. This woman did not disappoint her.

Hei Qingqing skillfully took off her gloves and surgical gown. “How is it, director? I didn’t disappoint you, did I? ”

Throughout the whole process, the director was in shock. He really did not expect that this young girl would really surprise her.

“from the looks of it, you must have performed a lot of surgeries. To be able to have such skills, it should not be something that can be done in a day. ”

“You’re praising me. I have indeed performed a lot of surgeries. Otherwise, I would also be boasting like this, don’t you think so? ” Hei Qingqing said with a cold smile.

Sometimes, one really couldn’t look down on a person. For example, although she looked young, she had graduated early and interned. Up until now, she had done countless surgeries.

Hei Qingqing didn’t want to waste her time with him. She was on vacation today to look for Mu Chen, and she actually worked for a few hours.

“Miss, looking at you, why don’t you come to our hospital? We’ll definitely give you the price you want. Moreover, our hospital’s influence in the city is also among the best. We’ll definitely give you the best here. ”

Hei Qingqing smiled, “I’m sorry, director. I, Hei Qingqing, don’t lack money the most. Moreover, as long as you are a doctor, you can save people. Isn’t it the same no matter where you save people? ”

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