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Chapter 1307

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Hei Bu sneered, “Lu Yuxi, you must know that at all times, you must never doubt the intelligence of the little ones, because they are truly terrifying. ”

At that time, when the little ones came over one by one with books to ask him questions, he thought that they would be very simple math questions. Who knew that after taking a look, these questions were already at the high school level, close to the university level.

At first, he thought that they were playing around, but when they started to analyze the questions, hei bu looked at them with a look of disbelief. If he did not see it with his own eyes and hear it with his own ears, he would not believe it.

This was really not an exaggeration. A three-year-old child holding a thick math textbook, and Lu Yuxi’s high school textbook analyzing the questions. This was such a horrifying thing Just how many things were in the minds of these children. ,

“Xiao Xi, you might not believe it, but let me tell you, our son is definitely a genius. ” This was the most arrogant time Hei bu introduced his son.

“genius? Or three geniuses? Are you kidding me? ” Lu Yuxi naturally knew that her son was different from ordinary children. He was smarter than ordinary children, but to say that he was a genius was still a little hesitant.

“How about we make another bet? ” Hei Bu’s face was filled with a mischievous smile.

“I’m afraid of you. Come on. ”

“okay, if the little ones all answer correctly, how about you still be mine tonight? ” No matter what they said, they were still unwilling to let Lu Yuxi Go.

“okay, but there’s one wrong answer. Tonight, little four’s diapers are yours. How about it? ” Little four had been eating, drinking, and shitting the most during this period of time. However, the wet nurses had worked hard, so they assigned him out tonight.

“deal… ” how would the little ones know that their parents had already sold them out.

The teacher who finished the question looked at Lu Yuxi with confidence. This time, it should not be easy, right.

The little guys still did not speak. It seemed like they were stumped. It was already not bad for a child of this age to be able to say a, B, CD, and even want to solve such a difficult problem. It was really difficult.

Who knew that just when everyone thought that the little guys could not solve it, the big boss and Little Feng spoke up, “teacher, do you want us to say it together or Yiyi to tell you secretly? ”

The teacher was stunned. He did not think that he would say this, “little friend, do you mean that you have already solved it? ”

“Yes, teacher, we have already answered it. ” The little guy’s words were filled with confidence.

“since all of you have answered it, then let’s say it together. Teacher will pay attention to the shape of the mouth and see who isn’t right. ” To be honest, she did not believe that these children could answer this question Right now, she was just doing it as a formality.

“That’s right, let’s also listen and see who didn’t answer it. ” The bystanders intentionally looked at Lu Yuxi, wanting her to see the consequences.

To be honest, Lu Yuxi was also looking forward to her son being able to answer. This was her child, and if he really could answer, how could she not be happy.

“little friend, say it. It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong. The uncles and aunts are all here, and mom and dad won’t dare to hit you. Say IT. ” When the surrounding people saw the children like this, they still couldn’t resist the cuteness in their hearts.

The little guys looked at each other and looked at the teacher. They said in unison, “teacher, the answer is 5. ”

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