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Chapter 1316

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“Also, ask her to move out as well. Su Quan can stay in her room, ” old Mrs. Su said shamelessly.

“Ask Xiao Bei to move out? You’re really thoughtful. ” She had already sneered in her heart when she was asked to move out. Now, she actually wanted Xiao Bei to move out. It was simply a fool’s dream.

This house belonged to a two-bedroom one-hall House. The reason why she liked this house in the beginning was because it was small, but very warm. It was very suitable for her and Xiao Bei.

Just now, the old lady took a look at it and asked Xiao Bei to move out with her. It seemed that she meant to let her and Xiao Bei Sleep on the SOFA. What a joke. Why should she sleep on the Sofa in her own home.

“How is it? Is it not good for me to arrange things like this? You should thank me for letting you stay here. If I get angry, I won’t even let you stay on the SOFA. ”

“Old Madam Su, you really have a big mouth. You let us mother and daughter Sleep on the SOFA and even want to kick us out. You really won’t be embarrassed at all by doing this. ” Lao Min’s words were a little sarcastic.

Old Madam Su was not an idiot. She could still hear a little of the meaning behind these words. “HMPH, how is it? You’re not satisfied with my arrangements and now you want to take advantage of me? Now you don’t even call me mother anymore. You’re really bold. Are you feeling itchy? ”

It seemed that she had not hit enough in the past. Otherwise, how would she dare to speak to her in such a tone.

Lao Min sat down demurely. Although she had some misgivings in her heart, she did not show it.

“Why should I call you mother? You’re not my mother. Do you think you can still accept these two words? ”

Old Mrs. Su was furious by these words. “How dare you say such words? You are being disrespectful. ”

“disrespectful? Old Mrs. Su, don’t use these words to describe me. I have no need to be filial to you. As for the matter of you wanting to move into my house, I advise you to forget about it. This is my house. I will never let you live here. ”

“Slap. ” Su Quan did not hesitate at all. He came up and gave Lao Min a slap.

“Is this the attitude of your mother? She said one sentence, and you actually dared to say ten. Didn’t I tell you before that you must never talk back to your mother? ” Su Quan looked at her angrily.

Lao Min covered her face. When she said this, she was already prepared to be hit, but she didn’t expect it to hurt so much.

“Su Quan, think carefully before you speak. This is your mother, not mine. Don’t put a label on me. I, Lao Min, can’t afford it. ”

Old Madam Su said, “Quan ‘er, Ah Quan ‘er, I told you before not to marry this woman. You just didn’t listen. Look, now that you say such words, you don’t even acknowledge me as your mother-in-law. Such a person would have been drowned in a pig cage in the past. ”

“Old Mrs. Su, even if I die, it has nothing to do with the Su family. Also, Su Quan, you better control your hands. We are divorced. You have no right to hit me. If you dare to hit me again, I will call the police immediately. ” They were divorced She had long been freed from that cage. How could she still foolishly touch it.

“divorced? Quan ‘er? When did you two get divorced? ” Old Mrs. Su Really did not know what was going on?

Su Quan’s face was not red. His heart was not beating as he said, “mom, it was because this woman was unfaithful after marriage that I got divorced. ”

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