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Chapter 1327

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The two of them walked around the department store for a while and realized that there were no suitable gifts at all. For example, jewelry. There would definitely be many mothers-in-law who loved to look beautiful, so Hei Qingqing gave up on this idea.

However, she once again had designs on her family.

Lu Yuxi placed her hands on her hips and looked at the little ones somewhat helplessly. “What are you all doing? Come over here. ”

The little ones were becoming more and more mischievous. It was as if they had seen many things in books, and they definitely had to give it a try.

Just like that, they began to tinker with the flowerpot idea again.

The little ones pretended as if they could not hear them. “Big Brother, Mommy is calling us. If we ignore her like this, will she spank us? ”

“It can’t be. Mommy doesn’t Spank US. ”

“What are you guys doing again? Come over here. If you don’t come over, I’m really going to spank you. ”

When it came to spanking, the two of them quickly ran in front of Lu Yuxi. They acted coquettishly and said in a childish voice, “Mommy, don’t spank baby. Baby will be very obedient. ”

“Mommy is the best. Mommy will definitely not hit us. ”

Seeing them like this, how could Lu yuxi bear to hit them? However, why was there only two of them and one person? “where’s Xiao Shun? Where did Xiao Shun go? ”

Yi Yi was the first to betray, “Mommy, I know. Second Brother said that he wanted to eat ice cream, and then he went to get ice cream. He even said that he took it secretly and didn’t let mommy know. ”

Seeing Yi Yi’s words and acting like a righteous messenger, Lu Yuxi was simply melted by her cuteness.

“Why are you eating ice cream again? Didn’t you say you can’t eat so much ice cream? It’s very easy to get diarrhea like this. ” A child’s nature was to like this kind of sweet food.

“Mommy, we won’t get diarrhea. We want to eat it. ”

“No, you’ve already eaten a lot. You can’t eat anymore. If you continue eating, you’ll really get spanked. ”

“Mommy, we won’t eat today. Can we eat tomorrow? ” Xiao Feng stared with her small eyes, trying hard to please Lu Yuxi. “…”

“We’ll talk about tomorrow’s matter tomorrow. Right now, let’s go catch Xiao Shun first. ”

“Okay. ” The two little guys answered in unison, following behind Lu Yuxi.

Lu Yuxi arrived near the fridge and did not see Xiao Shun at all. “where’s Xiao Shun? Didn’t you say that Xiao Shun was here? Why didn’t I see him? ”

The two little guys shook their heads unknowingly. Bad Xiao Shun. He must have stolen the ice cream and gone to hide somewhere to eat it. HMPH.

Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows. She seemed to have a thought that made people not know whether to laugh or cry.

Lu Yuxi stretched out her hand and quickly opened the refrigerator. Sure enough… …

“Xiao Shun, come out. You actually stole the Ice Cream and hid in the refrigerator. Who told YOU TO BE SO SMART? ”

Lu Yuxi was both angry and amused. Taking care of this group of little guys, she was afraid that she would have to laugh in the future.

The large refrigerator had enough space to accommodate his small body. There was an ice cream wrapper on his head, and he held the ice cream in both hands. He ate it so much that his mouth and face were everywhere.

When he saw Lu Yuxi Open the refrigerator, he was at a loss.

“Xiao Shun, come out. ” He did not know how long he had been in the refrigerator. Was He not cold?

Xiao Shun knew that his mommy was angry. He immediately got up and ran out of the refrigerator with the ice cream in his hands that he was reluctant to throw away. “Mommy, I… ”

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