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Chapter 1329

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How could the banquet of the Mu Family’s old madam be so small? No matter what, she was still a well-known figure, so her birthday banquet was naturally a gathering of important figures.

“President Li, how are you? ” Old Madam Mu held her husband’s hand, Chairman Mu, and attended the banquet.

“Aiyo, Chairman Mu, Madam Mu, today is Madam Mu’s birthday banquet. How could our partners not come? Don’t you think so? ”

Chairman Liu also came over with a glass of wine. “Isn’t that right? Our business still depends on chairman Mu and Madam’s care. ”

“Yeah, our business really depends on big brother Mu’s care. ”

Chairman Mu Sneered. Humph, when the MU group’s business was down and out, they didn’t call each other brothers here. Now that the Mu Group had started anew, did they want to curry favor with them again?

Old Madam Mu wasn’t in a good mood either. A bunch of hypocrites and hypocrites. If it weren’t for the two billion yuan from her daughter-in-law, they wouldn’t have been able to turn the tables and achieve this step.

Her long blue dress and her tall hair made Hei Qingqing’s already beautiful face look even more beautiful.

Her black suit and her tall and beautiful figure made the two of them look like a perfect match.

“Mu Chen, do you think that your family’s business is getting better and better? Do you think that there will be more and more people trying to curry favor with you? ”

Mu Chen nodded. “Yes, indeed. Although this is mother’s birthday party, it’s clearly a commercial battle. It’s also a battle to the death. ”

“Hey, who do you think is the second son of the Mu Family? ”

“I don’t know. It should be the daughter-in-law of the MU family. Didn’t they say that the second son of the Mu Family got married a while ago? This should be the second daughter-in-law. ”

“You don’t say. This woman is really good-looking. She has a body and a temperament. The second young master of the Mu Family is also a smart person. The two of them are really suitable to be together. ”

“Yeah, I don’t know what kind of background this girl has. The one that Madam Mu likes should be the daughter of some family. ”

“is she the daughter of the Li family? I heard that the second young master of the Mu Family and Li miaoling used to be a couple. ”

“stop talking nonsense. I’ve seen the miss of the Li family. How could the miss of the Li family be more beautiful than this woman? ”

There were women and wine everywhere. How could there be less gossip.

It was no wonder that so many people were suspicious of Hei Qingqing’s identity. When they held their wedding, it was held overseas. At that time, they only invited relatives and friends. They did not invite anyone else at all. Moreover, Hei Qingqing kept it simple She also asked her sister-in-law’s friends to block the news of her marriage.

“where’s your big brother? Why don’t I see your big brother? ” Although Madam Mu was the main character.. However, this kind of party could not be done without Mu bin. Since he was going to take over the Mu Group in the future, he needed to establish connections now. For things like business, it was better to have one more friend than one more enemy.

“Big Brother went to pick up minxue. He should be here soon. ”

Hei Qingqing said in surprise, “Minxue agreed to come? Does this mean that I’m going to have a sister-in-law again? ”

Min Xue was not a bad girl. She did not act and did not pretend. She got along well with Hei Qingqing.

“En, it should be like this. ”

Hei Qingqing snickered. Alright, it was time to prepare another red packet.

Before the banquet had even begun, something unexpected happened.

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