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Chapter 1338

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“It’s just money. It’s easy for me, but you have to bear the consequences yourself. I’ve already said that I hope you’ll go to jail, but I didn’t say that I didn’t warn you. ”

Hei Qingqing had already seen through this kind of person. Since he wanted money so much, then he would grant him his wish. Wasn’t it just money He spoke as if he didn’t have any money.

“Don’t talk big for me here. If you can take it out, what else can you find out? I admire you. ” How could such a little girl swindler become a God.

At this moment, Hei Qingqing pulled the waiter over. “You, bring me the check. ”

“check? Hehe, don’t talk big here. When the time comes, there will be no money and empty checks. What do you think we should do? ” Chairman Li was not afraid. After all, he had nothing to lose.

Hei Qingqing took the check from the waiter and wrote down the amount on the check.

“This is 230 million. Take it well and take your people and leave immediately. We don’t want to see you again. ” She swung the check in a domineering manner, causing everyone present to sigh.

Chairman Li took the check in puzzlement. “This can’t be a blank check, right? Didn’t they say that the Mu Group is currently developing? To actually be able to take out so much money, how can others believe this? ”

“Chairman Li, did you misunderstand something? Who told you that the Mu Group wouldn’t have money if they started? Who told you this? If they didn’t have money, how would they dare to take on such a big case? Don’t you think so? ”

“Also, everyone thinks that it’s his fault for manager Wu’s matter. However, we can only say that he trusted the wrong person. If he didn’t trust others, how could he dare to hand over so much money and not accept a debit note? Therefore, the Mu Corporation has absolute trust in others, that’s why it’s like this. This is the characteristic of the Mu Corporation, it’s worthy of your trust. “. “…”

The person who had originally lost confidence in the Mu Corporation slowly understood the Mu Corporation’s actions after hearing what she said.

That’s right, if they didn’t trust her, who would dare to take so much money and give it to others recklessly.

“Don’t say that. What she said makes sense. ”

“I didn’t expect her to say such a thing despite her young age. She’s really not simple. ”

“It seems that such a woman is really worthy of the second young master of the Mu Family. ”

The Mu couple looked at each other in disbelief. The situation just now had been completely reversed by their daughter-in-law’s words.

It seemed that this daughter-in-law was really not just a doctor. Her brain was really turning faster than others, and she seemed to be more business-minded than Mu Chen.

“Alright, I’m not as good as you, so you won’t tell me. But that’s not the main point now. The main point is whether the money is real or fake. ” He did not believe that the MU family had suddenly received so much money. He had clearly found out about it It was impossible to have extra money.

“Of course this money is real. I, Hei Qingqing, don’t need to lie to you. ”

“The check says your name, which means that this money is under your name. So this money is yours and not the MU family’s? ”

“Don’t forget, I am the daughter-in-law of the Mu family. What belongs to the Mu Family is mine, and what belongs to me is also the Mu Family’s. So, Chairman Li, you should write the check and leave now. Don’t waste our time here. ” Hei Qingqing looked disdainful.

“leave? I don’t care if you are a member of the Mu family, but I still have to investigate the matter of the check. ”

Hei Qingqing shrugged her shoulders and looked indifferent.

“someone, dial the bank number. I want to check if this woman has the money in her name. ”

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